Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday as I was taking clothes out of the dryer, I, in all my widsom, pulled a stupid muscle in my back.  No, the muscle wasn't stupid, I was, as I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and leaned down in a weird twisted way and bam.  Initially the pain almost brought me to my knees it was so intense but I managed to hobble into my room and make  it into bed ...... then I started crying.  Why?  because I'm a big baby and because this new ailment should be good company for my preexistenting earaches.  Yes, earaches which have been plaguing me since last summer.  They are on and off but lately and unfortunately, more on which makes working really hard when it feels like your head is going to blow off.  Saw the doctor and she told me it was fluid behind my ear but had no idea why is was there.  She said sleep propped up and take a decongestant.  Not helpful.  May at some point have to see an allergist but for now I'll just take to my bed with my pencils and sketchbook and hope my daughter (who is home on a snow day) will care for her mother. Yes, I am laughing as I say that because yesterday I was calling to her for five minutes as I needed her to refill my hotwater bottle.  When she finally got to my room she had that somewhat annoyed look on her face although I could tell she was trying to smile and be caring in an somewhat disturbing way... perhaps a little like Nurse Ratched in One Few Over The Cuckoos Nest.   How lovely to think I'll have children to care for me in my old age ..... yeah, I'm laughing again.