Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Weekend In The City

The weekend in Toronto was almost too much fun. I could easily have stayed another night but there are responsibilities at home and I also ran out of money so reality kind of set in.
Here is the restaurant in which we had dinner on Saturday night. I ended up surprising John by inviting his brother and wife as well as his closest friend Jay and his partner. John's mom flew in complete with a beautiful photo album she made for him from his birth up until now. Everyone say "ahhhh".
After dinner they brought out a creme brulee with a candle on top and the entire restaurant sang "happy birthday" which totally embarassed him. John's brother suggested we head over to the Fat Belgian for a beer afterward the believe me the walk alone was fascinating. Everyone in the city seemed to be dressed up for Hallowe'en. I saw a guy who looked identical to Elton John on the cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I have no idea how he walked in those platform furry boots as I can't even imagine putting on a pair of high heels at this point in my life. It occured to me that these people had really spent a great deal of their time designing their costumes. When I was a kid I always ended up being a gypsy as my mom wasn't buying my costume.........I needed to be resourceful enough to come up with something on my own. It was usually a ghost, witch or gypsy. There were generally the easiest. But admittingly, most of the fun was in the doing.
Yes, I am digressing............On Sunday I was fortunate enough to take lots of photos for future work. I am currently working on a landscape piece involving a stand of birch trees. I am hoping to post it by Friday.
HAPPY HALLOWE'EN TO get going and make your costume.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On The Run ..........More To Come

Lots to say but it will have to wait until this afternoon. Toronto was fabulous and I took lots of photos for future work. I am on my way this morning to see a potential client. Will fill you in later today about my whirlwind of a weekend...........just wanted you to know I was alive and kicking..........that is if anyone out there is actually reading my ramblings...........

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend in The City

I'm off to Toronto tomorrow to celebrate John's birthday as he finally turns 40. I've been in this decade long enough so it's time for him to step into middle age.
We've been planning this trip for some time now as we love to venture around the city just the two of us. I hear it is supposed to rain tomorrow but oh well, an umbrella and a raincoat always come in handy. I'm going to try and spend most of the day taking photos as we walk around downtown. I really wanted to visit the AGO but I just clicked onto their website and they are closed to the public as they are installing 5,000 new artworks. John will be relieved. It's not that he dislikes art it just isn't as exciting to him as heading into Mountain Equipment Co-op. Actually I like it there too even though the thought of camping makes me feel a touch lightheaded. Hiking out in nature is fabulous....for me, sleeping in a tent is not.
I'm hoping to stop in at Lulu Lemon which carry the best yoga clothes opinion. I could really use some new yoga pants which I wear everywear not just for yoga and they make you look as if you've lost 10 pounds even when you haven't...............ok, perhaps that's a bit of a stretch.........maybe 5.
I'm taking John to Le St. Tropez for dinner. We have always loved it there but have only been for lunch.
Ok, I'm rambling so off I go...............
Hope you all have a happy weekend in your part of the world.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Five Ways In Which To Not Start Your Morning

1. Waking up with a headache........I slept really weird last night with my neck on a strange angle so this morning my head felt like it was going to explode. Shouldn't have watched the "Godfather".....great movie but made me restless all night.
2. Remembering a "bad" dream. ....... Last night I dreamt I was applying to a juried show and they called me in for an interview. John and my Mom were there as well as James Caan (who played Sonny in the Godfather movie....yikes). When I arrived they told me my work was too abstract and that they were rejecting my application. I started crying at which time John, my mom and James Caan began comforting me. My mom then proceeded to tell me she was marrying James Caan and which time I began crying harder (guess I was frightened at the prospect of having Christmas at the Corleone home).
3. Daughters Arguing. This always starts the day off on a sour note. Arguing about who is going to use the hair straightener first seems such a waste of energy. I hear myself saying "can't we all just get along" which I know sounds so lame as they look at me with their perfectly coiffed little heads while my hair is plastered up along side my face, my eyes are puffy and my neck is leaning to the right.
4. Garbage on the Back Deck. I totally forgot I left a bag of garbage on the back deck last night. Proscrastination will get you no where.......should have taken it out to the garage last night. Noticed a lot of tiny candy bar wrappers from my Hallowe'en stash. Note to self, never buy Hallowe'en candy a week and a half before Hallowe'en.
5. Burnt my mouth on my morning tea. Pretty self explanatory.
Oh, life is so interesting isn't it?
You what they can't always control what happens to you but you can control your response and you know what "life is good". I'm breathing, the people I love are healthy.....I feel grateful for many things...........that gratitute will snap you back into reality everytime.
But right now you must excuse me while I go clean up the garbage on my back deck.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Walk In The Park

I taught yoga this morning which I haven't done since May of this year. It felt really good to get back at it. I love yoga and practice daily on my own to keep myself from getting to creaky and stiff. As we get older we all start to stiffen up and lose some of the flexibility we had when we were younger so yoga does help combat that. Yesterday I started my weight training again which they say is the new "fountain of youth" wouldn't know it seeing how I hobbled out of bed this morning........sore all over but a good sore. I know it is great for the body and yoga is the perfect complement to it.

I mentioned in my last post how I had started an abstract piece that I was quite excited about. Well, I'm not too excited about it right now as I ripped it out of my machine and stomped on it a couple times before I threw it away. It was just not coming together how I had envisioned it and I was feeling totally frustrated so I thought I would take it out on the piece.....which of course I did. Just another immature moment in the life of a textile artist.

Today I'm going to take off to the Copeland Forest to take some photos. The trees here are still unbelievably beautiful and I want to capture as much of it as I can before the snow flies. This photo was taken in the park behind my just got to love the crunching of the leaves underfoot and the smell in the air this time of year.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Days

This is a photo of some beautiful grasses that are growing in my backyard. I don't quite know the name of them but I love their delicate appearance and fluidity. When the wind blows it almost looks as if they are dancing.
This past few weeks we have been experiencing rain almost everyday. Today we are in for mild temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfalls............can you say "global warming". All in all quite scary.
Talked to Kelly yesterday and she asked if I had been back in the studio to which I responded "I've been meaning to". Well last night I actually did clean up a bit and start work on a new piece.......something abstract. It is a touch bigger than the size I have been working on lately but lots of curved lines and circles. I love the symbolism of circles.........wholeness, unity, the feminine spirit or force. Quite beautiful I think. I'm planning on using a lot of colour on this piece. Perhaps golds, deep yellows, aquas and purples. I have a large array of metallic and rayon threads which should add some gorgeous shimmer to the work. I'm excited by the possibilities.
I spent much of yesterday working on an application for the Ontario Arts Council (lots of details) I was just ready to put fifteen of my images onto a CD when I realized by oldest daughter had used all my CDs but put back five empty cases. Just before I decided to pull my hair out I text messaged her. "Trying to CDs left.........She responded "that sucks". Reminder to self "keep anything pertaining to my work in the studio".
Kelly is headed over tomorrow night for dinner as John is away this weekend. I've been scouring recipes sites looking for vegetarian meals.......not easy. Some of those dishes just sound hideous........"meatless meatloaf". That just conjours up a bad visual for me. Think I'll go with a light salad, vegetarian lasagna, a baguette and perhaps a chocolate swirl cheesecake for dessert. I'll make the lasagna but buy the cheesecake as that sounds like a fair compromise.
A shout out to my friend Steve Caston who makes his big debut tonight at the Stephen Leacock Museum. I would wish him luck but he won't need it.
Hope to post new work on Monday
Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world

Monday, October 15, 2007

Under The Weather

Well I had a wonderful time in Toronto visiting with my Mom.......I always do. I got to spend a bit of time with my niece and nephew too. It was pretty uneventful but that was just fine with me after the chaos of the last couple weeks. We decided to rent "The Queen" which was highly recommended by Kelly. Great flick.
I stopped in at Ikea on my way home from Mom's, yes, I love Ikea. Picked up a few things for the house and hoped John wouldn't notice but it's hard not to notice new pillows on the couch and curtains on both windows. After twenty years "he gets me" and just shakes his head.
Saturday morning I got up and just didn't feel myself. My stomach was bothering me and I had absolutely no appetite. I kind of dragged myself around all day and forced myself to have a half a piece of toast for lunch. Come dinner it was a quarter of a potato and a bit of salad. Yesterday I was in bed all day long. Must have been some sort of wierd stomach bug. Today I'm feeling a bit better just rather weak but I did eat breakfast so that's a good thing.
I haven't been in the studio for quite some time but will head in today for a bit to clean up and perhaps start work on a new piece.
Hope everyone is well

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tour Over, Family Gone Home....I'm Exhausted

This is a shot of Gary Brierley's studio in which I was the guest artist this past four days for the Images Tour. The tour was great but the weather was terrible. Monday ended up being the most successful day as the sun finally showed up, the rain stopped and people appeared. Numbers were down everywhere compared to last year but all in all it was still a good experience. I don't think I've ever received such great feedback on my work as I did this time out so I know I'm on the right path.
Oh, and then there are my friends. I have such a supportive group.....whenever I have a show, there they are. Even though they have seen my work a hundred times they always show up for is all about "showing up". I love each and every one of them and feel especially blessed to have that support structure in my life.
Speaking of friends.........Steve Caston, one of mine, who happens to be a fabulous musician and songwriter, is performing on October 19th at Swanmore Hall at the Stephen Leacock Museum.
If you ever get to chance to see him'll be amazed. Click on Steve Caston for more info. Oh, and thanks Steve for the words on Sunday.......I'll surely remember them always.
Today I'm really tired though and the house seems too quiet.
John's parents have been here since Thursday and were an incredible help keeping the home fires burning. His mom was a god send. She prepared and cleaned up after Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday night.........a dinner in which we hosted twelve people, spent time with my girls, cleaned out the fridge and wouldn't stop making food for everyone who dropped by. She's probably happy to have gone home today to get some well deserved rest. Thanks Ruth.
Today it is once again pouring rain...........a good day to clean up, do laundry, wash the floor, etc. etc. I'm headed off to Toronto for a couple nights to my Mom's for a visit.........movies, chinese food and of course a Mom's love. Will post again on Friday.......

Friday, October 5, 2007

Images Tour Begins Today

I'm on the run today as the Images Tour begins........looks like we are in for a great weekend with lots of sun and of course turkey
Will try and post tonight to let you know how it all went

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In The Home Stretch

Tonight I will thankfully be able to move my furniture back into the living room and tomorrow perhaps hang some art. The kitchen will be painted tomorrow and then ...yeah! it is all over.
Within the midst of all this chaos I have been trying to get organized for the show which starts on Friday. I think I'm doing alright.
This piece and the last posted "Benched" are both from my "City Streets" from the streets of Toronto. I love the urban feel to both of them as well as "Sunday Morning". I am headed to Toronto again next week to spent some time with my mom and sister so I'll have a few days to get around and take some more photos for potential art pieces.
I must say I am quite tired today. All the renos as well as the upcoming show have done me in but at the same time I am excited. I look forward to the Tour every year as it is such a wonderful experience to connect with new clients as well as old. My work this time out is far removed from what I was exhibiting last year so it should be interesting to hear the feedback I receive.
Oh, and before I forget.......Congrats to my cousin Paula on her wedding to Steve..........great woman....great guy. Your blessed.
Hope everything is great in your part of the world.