Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Days

This is a photo of some beautiful grasses that are growing in my backyard. I don't quite know the name of them but I love their delicate appearance and fluidity. When the wind blows it almost looks as if they are dancing.
This past few weeks we have been experiencing rain almost everyday. Today we are in for mild temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfalls............can you say "global warming". All in all quite scary.
Talked to Kelly yesterday and she asked if I had been back in the studio to which I responded "I've been meaning to". Well last night I actually did clean up a bit and start work on a new piece.......something abstract. It is a touch bigger than the size I have been working on lately but lots of curved lines and circles. I love the symbolism of circles.........wholeness, unity, the feminine spirit or force. Quite beautiful I think. I'm planning on using a lot of colour on this piece. Perhaps golds, deep yellows, aquas and purples. I have a large array of metallic and rayon threads which should add some gorgeous shimmer to the work. I'm excited by the possibilities.
I spent much of yesterday working on an application for the Ontario Arts Council (lots of details) I was just ready to put fifteen of my images onto a CD when I realized by oldest daughter had used all my CDs but put back five empty cases. Just before I decided to pull my hair out I text messaged her. "Trying to CDs left.........She responded "that sucks". Reminder to self "keep anything pertaining to my work in the studio".
Kelly is headed over tomorrow night for dinner as John is away this weekend. I've been scouring recipes sites looking for vegetarian meals.......not easy. Some of those dishes just sound hideous........"meatless meatloaf". That just conjours up a bad visual for me. Think I'll go with a light salad, vegetarian lasagna, a baguette and perhaps a chocolate swirl cheesecake for dessert. I'll make the lasagna but buy the cheesecake as that sounds like a fair compromise.
A shout out to my friend Steve Caston who makes his big debut tonight at the Stephen Leacock Museum. I would wish him luck but he won't need it.
Hope to post new work on Monday
Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world

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