Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Holly

My youngest daughter Holly was born on Christmas morning, hence the name Holly. She was born at 11:23 a.m. on December 25th but has always disliked her birthday because hey, it sucks being born on such a big holiday. I mean you can't have a birthday party on Christmas Day, who would come?

Years ago John and I decided to move her birthday to November 25th. If for nothing else at least she would be able to have a party with friends and it could kind of be her own day. Still, relatives and friends get confused and sometimes forget her birthday all together which I know bothers her even though she doesn't say much about it.

So on Christmas morning every year John and I always put a little something away for her wrapped in birthday paper. We all sing "Happy Birthday" and take some time to celebrate that beautiful baby we brought home from the hospital fifteen years ago.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Just A Bunch of Stuff None of Which You'll Probably Find Interesting

I've been a bad, bad blogger and have not kept up with my so called blogging code which is to post at least every other day. But I'm not making any apologies today I'll just blame it on the busyness of the season.
I met with Ellen who owns the Ridge West Gallery yesterday and things went very well. She is going to schedule a show with me in 2009 and would like to represent my work at the gallery. It's a smaller gallery but I was impressed with the artists whose work she currently represents and her desire to really work with and for her artists. She has a good spirit!
Being as obsessed as I am about movies I'd be remiss not mention a few I'm looking forward to seeing...........
Out on dvd The Visitor with Richard Jenkins. I was a big "Six Feet Under" fanatic and if you were too you'll remember him as Nate and David's father. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing that will ever hold a candle to that show........Alan Ball is a genius.
I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitt's but have heard great things about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which opens on Christmas Day. A story that tells of a man living his life backwards from old to young. Interesting premise.
I also can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire.
Last one.........for major sap factor but an all around great movie you have to watch
Love Actually. Other than It's A Wonderful Life this is my favourite holiday film. Listen to Hugh Grant's narrative at the beginning as it is priceless. Snuggle up with someone, make some popcorn and sip some egg nog (with or without rum). You'll love it
I was going to post a few photos of the oils and I've been working on the past week but the pictures sucked.... everything from the lighting to the glare from the piece. I'll try on a better day to take some new ones. I'm taking a very short break from paint and thread (maybe a week) and have delved head first into working in oils. I had a few wood panels laying around and thought what the hell, hoping it would kick start my creativity which believe me needs some kick starting.
Have a great weekend..............

Monday, December 15, 2008

Living In Paradise ..... Sappy Post Ahead

For the last few years John and I have hosted what we like to call "The Christmas Tree Hunt". It began quite simply with just a few friends and us heading out to our local tree farm to cut down a tree, drink some apple cider and enjoy time with people whose company we enjoy. Flash forward a few years and our numbers have mushroomed to about 25 friends and family. So early Saturday morning we all met at our place had some coffee and muffins and headed out to look for a Christmas Tree.

We decided on Gillespie's because of the horse drawn, I would like to say sleigh but it's actually a wagon... hey, you can't have everything. It was quite a cool day and the wind was a bit brisk but we were as they say, on a mission. The minute we got off the wagon I think the mission changed from finding the perfect Christmas tree to cutting something down quickly because it was too damn to stand out there looking for something that even resembled "perfect". We decided on a spruce which looked good until John began cutting it down. It wasn't until then the girls noticed the big hole near the back.........oh well, put it toward the wall is what I say....no one will see it there. The girls suggested lots of tinsel might do the trick. On the way back the crazy guy who was driving the tractor with a wagon on the back took us on quite the ride. Branches in the face, ducking the bottoms of trees and almost tipping over........ my three year old nephew enjoyed it immensely.

Once we got back to our house I put on the chilli and set out the food and smiled watching all of our friends reaquaint with each other and new friends meet old ones. We had kids from as young as 3 months to 53 years (yeah, I wasn't the oldest) Here comes the sappy part.............. I never fail to realize how lucky I am to live where I live and to have the friends I have. Each and everyone of them brings something wonderful to not only this day but everyday since I have known them. To stand back and watch them enjoy themselves was the gift.

Thank you

Rob, Kelly, Danielle, Holly

Charlie, Joan & Anne

Anders, Vivian & Luke

Jason & Jake

Les & Victoria

Gregor, Carla, Pico & Fiona

Andy, Laurie & Ben

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today I thought I'd share with you my all time favourite photo.

My youngest daughter who happens to be quite the budding photographer snapped this picture of my oldest and John walking along the beach in Cuba a few years back. I've decided to have it framed and give it to him for Christmas this year. There is something about moments like this, that when perfectly captured, speak to you. That's what this picture does for me. I love the way my oldest daughter has positioned herself as she walks along the beach so full of confidence and wonder. The shadows their bodies create seem to be extensions of their spirits.

Art in all it's beautiful forms never ceases to amaze me and to do what all good art should......make me feel something.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Excuses and No Boots

So I have absolutely no excuses for why I haven't blogged this week. Oh, I could make up a whole bunch of stuff as to the exciting things I've been taking on but then that would be just a lie. Yeah, I've been working in the studio and a few pieces have been completed but mostly I can't really say what I've been doing. What it all boils down to is that I've had a totally unproductive week and been a lazy slug.

But all was not lost as yesterday I took the girls to the dreaded mall as they had both saved up to buy dresses for a school dance on Friday night. As we were making our way through what seemed like an unbelievable amount of people for recession filled times, my oldest looked down at my feet and said, in a very serious tone that I really needed new boots as mine were embarassingly ugly. She went to tell me how it didn't matter to her (lying) but "wouldn't it feel great to wear boots that not only felt good but looked good too? Now granted I've had these Sorells for about ten years but they are comfortable, practical and hey I live in a snow belt. So after some hemming and hawing I allowed them to drag me into a shoe store and I spent a half hour hopelessly trying on Uggs, Bear Paws and a whole slew of other boot names I didn't know. The girls looked utterly happy trying to spruce me so I just kept trying on everything they brought me. No only could I not afford Uggs but I didn't necessarily like them either as they made my feet look like they belonged to Yeti. So in the end no boots were bought that day so I guess I'll continue wearing my "embarrassingly ugly" ones and my children will have to hang their heads in shame.