Friday, December 19, 2008

Just A Bunch of Stuff None of Which You'll Probably Find Interesting

I've been a bad, bad blogger and have not kept up with my so called blogging code which is to post at least every other day. But I'm not making any apologies today I'll just blame it on the busyness of the season.
I met with Ellen who owns the Ridge West Gallery yesterday and things went very well. She is going to schedule a show with me in 2009 and would like to represent my work at the gallery. It's a smaller gallery but I was impressed with the artists whose work she currently represents and her desire to really work with and for her artists. She has a good spirit!
Being as obsessed as I am about movies I'd be remiss not mention a few I'm looking forward to seeing...........
Out on dvd The Visitor with Richard Jenkins. I was a big "Six Feet Under" fanatic and if you were too you'll remember him as Nate and David's father. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing that will ever hold a candle to that show........Alan Ball is a genius.
I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitt's but have heard great things about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which opens on Christmas Day. A story that tells of a man living his life backwards from old to young. Interesting premise.
I also can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire.
Last one.........for major sap factor but an all around great movie you have to watch
Love Actually. Other than It's A Wonderful Life this is my favourite holiday film. Listen to Hugh Grant's narrative at the beginning as it is priceless. Snuggle up with someone, make some popcorn and sip some egg nog (with or without rum). You'll love it
I was going to post a few photos of the oils and I've been working on the past week but the pictures sucked.... everything from the lighting to the glare from the piece. I'll try on a better day to take some new ones. I'm taking a very short break from paint and thread (maybe a week) and have delved head first into working in oils. I had a few wood panels laying around and thought what the hell, hoping it would kick start my creativity which believe me needs some kick starting.
Have a great weekend..............


andrea said...

Congrats about the gallery! Looks like a nice one. And I, too, am a major SFU fan. One of the few series that actually entered my consciousness after I'd seen an episode and had a really hard time waiting for the next! I also want to see the movies you want to see and really enjoyed Love Actually, too. Can I join you if I bring the popcorn?

Ellen said...

That's wonderful about the gallery! Six Feet Under is a brilliant show! I burned myself out staying up late watching it on DVD a few years back. And I like your little ornament, did you make it?

Melody said...

Yes, Andrea. Please hop on a plane and head on out here. We'd have a blast except I have to say it is -25C here compared to your balmy

Ellen, the ornament was sent to us by John's brother who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut up in Baffin Island. I've been thinking of you and hope your well