Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Excuses and No Boots

So I have absolutely no excuses for why I haven't blogged this week. Oh, I could make up a whole bunch of stuff as to the exciting things I've been taking on but then that would be just a lie. Yeah, I've been working in the studio and a few pieces have been completed but mostly I can't really say what I've been doing. What it all boils down to is that I've had a totally unproductive week and been a lazy slug.

But all was not lost as yesterday I took the girls to the dreaded mall as they had both saved up to buy dresses for a school dance on Friday night. As we were making our way through what seemed like an unbelievable amount of people for recession filled times, my oldest looked down at my feet and said, in a very serious tone that I really needed new boots as mine were embarassingly ugly. She went to tell me how it didn't matter to her (lying) but "wouldn't it feel great to wear boots that not only felt good but looked good too? Now granted I've had these Sorells for about ten years but they are comfortable, practical and hey I live in a snow belt. So after some hemming and hawing I allowed them to drag me into a shoe store and I spent a half hour hopelessly trying on Uggs, Bear Paws and a whole slew of other boot names I didn't know. The girls looked utterly happy trying to spruce me so I just kept trying on everything they brought me. No only could I not afford Uggs but I didn't necessarily like them either as they made my feet look like they belonged to Yeti. So in the end no boots were bought that day so I guess I'll continue wearing my "embarrassingly ugly" ones and my children will have to hang their heads in shame.


Tracy said...

hahaha, my 11 year old daughter is all of a sudden completely embarrassed by everything I do. What I wear, what I say, how I breathe.

You were a good sport to try on all those boots. Especially the Uggs:)

andrea said...

No blogging for me either but I have looked at a couple (like yours). As for boots, I bought some black suede city boots on impulse a few weeks ago -- very rare for me -- but they looked so much like a pair I had in 1983 and fit so well that I couldn't resist. I wear them constantly. I love it when fashions you once loved go out of style -- and then come back in again!

And I think your boots are just fine, thanks, but then I'm your vintage! :)

Melody said...

Tracy, yeah I tried to be a good sport for their sake. They just seemed so excited that there was the off chance they could get me into some Uggs! and I come from a very good "vintage" indeed

Fletchm said...

Those boots in the picture look great for 10 years of use!
Way to to Mel, product longevity is so important in these times.
Function over fashion, I say.