Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time To Enjoy

The Easter Weekend was a lovely one with friends and family around ... busy but wonderful all the same.  Saturday night we spent colouring eggs which we've done with the girls for as long as I can remember.  Sierah is now home from university for the summer so it was all the more special.

There has been an incredible amount of rain and wind here in Southern Ontario the past while so although it poured all day yesterday,  at around 6:00 pm it stopped completely and the sun came out.  John and I decided to drop everything and spend some time simply enjoying the outdoors ... well, the front yard which is still technically the "outdoors"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend

                                         Here's hoping you have a great weekend.........

Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Race

So I've finally dug myself out of the trenches of sickness and am (happily) back on my feet and moving ahead.  This crazy flu just reared it's ugly head out of absolutely nowhere on Monday and I was in bed for a solid three days straight.  I was supposed to pick my daughter up from work on Monday night but ended up calling my "sweet" and I mean "totally sweet" neighbour Gail and asking for a  huge favour and she, out of the goodness of her heart, drove her home.  By Monday night I was really weak and couldn't fathom getting into the car and driving to town .... friends are the ultimate blessing.

So come day two, between sleeping and throwing up, I managed to get caught up on my most favourite show aptly named "Art Race".  Although I'm not a big reality tv watcher, this show is such a guilty indulgence.  I mean what could be better than a reality show featuring two aritsts surviving on only their art?????

Since the site can explain much better than you go...the premise in a nutshell

Two artists, Ben Sargent and Kenny Harris, set out to cross America surviving only on their art. Armed with just $1, they must trade their work for lifts, beds and food to travel across America in 40 days. Will their art get them from coast to coast? The pair must make their way as quickly as possible to their final destinations - the winner is the first one back and the loser must return all their hard-earnt cash.

Watch the short video  HERE

I will confess that I love Kenny.  He is sweet and gentle and an incredible artist.  Gorgeous landscapes and figurative work in oils as well as his ability to sketch in ink and watercolour at the drop of a hat.  Ben strikes me as quite the free spirit... but he's not Kenny.  I'm about maybe a little more than halfway through the show which I tape every Thursday...can't wait to see them both have the opportunity to exhibit their work for the public.

For now I'm off as I have a house load of guests arriving Friday for Easter and there is much to be done.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sick with the Flu ...back soon

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Favourite Things


A perfect orange on a white plate

A hot cup of tea in the afternoon

A new shipment of art supplies

A great salad and a glass of red

The very beginnings of a new painting.....

And last but not least my new "most"  favourite thing is Juliet's Room.

Amazing organic products by herbalist Stacelynn Caughlan from Vancouver, B.C.

I haven't tried the entire line but so far these three are my absolute favourites.  Every ingredient is listed so you know exactly what your getting which is a nice change from all the other products out there in which you can't even pronounce half the chemicals they contain.

And.....they feel amazing on your skin....

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Long Walk Home
Art Quilt
Work in Thread and Fabric

The last few days I've been in my old studio, which is really just a spare bedroom, clearing out all my older work, frames, fabric, threads and an overwhelming mess of old papers.  I've decided to let Sierah have this room when she comes home from university as Holly moved into her room before the bed was even cold. Now before you go thinking I'm  this incredibly selfless mother let me tell you that the light in that room was never right.  Mornings,  which just happen to be my most creative time period were always dull and gloomy in there and it wasn't until around 3 in the afternoon that the sun came shining through.  I've moved everything into the office downstairs which is this light filled space that remains that way most of the day.  There are two storage closets as well which will be perfect for storing all "my stuff",  at least that is when I clean them out.

So going through some of my older works has been quite interesting to say the least.   Thought I would share a few with you.  

These pieces are all for sale by me so if you see anything you like ... whip me off an email.

The piece above "The Long Walk Home" was a real challenge as most of it is completed using only thread.  The background is a collage of threads and fabric but the woman,  the child's hair and top are all done in thread.  

Art Quilt backed onto canvas
Work in Thread and Fabric

In this piece the background is collaged with fabric and threads as is the tree but the egg is done solely in thread.  I think this was one of the first pieces in which I used a brown background but with the gold it really pops.

Art Quilt backed onto canvas
Work in Thread and Fabric

Collaged background but turtle completed in thread.

Down On The Farm
Art Quilt
Work in Fabric and Thread

The tree and grass are completed in thread and the rest is a mix of fabric, thread and paint.

The Walk
Art Quilt backed onto canvas
Work in Thread and Fabric

The Walk has always been one of my favs ... love that African influence of colour and the beads.  Once again, background is collaged with fabric and thread... her dress and basket is completed in thread.

So there you have it,  a short but sweet walk down memory lane.  Funny to  see some of these pieces again and to remember where I was in my life at the moment they were made.  I call them it my "fabric collage" period.

Anyway, must run as there are a growing number of closets that need to be cleaned out and who knows what I'll find in them.