Monday, November 30, 2009

A Day at Cityline

                                                 A Row of Reds
                                       Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk
                                                     16"x 20"

                                               A Song In Silence
                                 Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk


                                                               Passionate Ground
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk

Last Thursday morning started out early for us as I insisted we be in the car by 6 a.m. although Toronto is only about an hour and a bit from where we live and I didn't need to be at the studio until 9 a.m. I couldn't take the chance that we'd hit a traffic jam or run into a fender bender. John is such a good sport as he knows what a freak I can be but he also knows how to just go with the flow so to speak.

Grabbed a chai latte at Starbucks and then headed over to CityTv and although I was trying to look as if I'd just strolled on over I was terribly nervous. It all ended up being for nothing though as everyone at Cityline was absolutely wonderful. We stood in the lobby for a bit waiting for Fiona Clark who was the producer of the show and there, standing beside me was Mary Dobson who was just so lovely and easygoing she immediately put me at ease. I also ran into Meghan from the Village Gallery who was there with work from Alison Hodson one of the many talented artists they represent.

Meghan and I hit it off immediately and we spent time talking about art and the business of it. We chatted for a bit and then they called us into the studio to set up.  The work got hung (thanks to a very patience man) and 5 minutes before the show was to tape the producer told us there were three extra seats right in front so John and I and Meghan got to be in the audience afterall. I won't go into the details of the entire show except to say I was really pleased about my small bit.  It was overwhelming but so very exciting. Oh, and I did get a chance to meet Tracy Moore the host of Cityline and she was so down to earth, friendly and welcoming.  I really can't say enough about how everyone there made us feel at home and comfortable. Thanks Cityline for a great experience!

Here's where you can get a breakdown of the show which airs this Thursday December 3rd at 9 a.m.

Afterward John and I headed over to The King Eddie to meet my sister in law Carla for lunch.  The King Eddie just happens to be my favourite place to eat when I'm in Toronto. The lobby was beautifully decorated for Christmas............I could have sat there all day just feeling happy.....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Exciting, Amazing Day

Too busy today to write a long post about my experience yesterday at Cityline but it say it was surreal and far too exciting would be an understatement. I will post all the details on Monday. I've got work at two shows this weekend...check out my sidebar on this blog to find out where.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Big Week

Passionate Ground
Work In Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk

Tonight I heard from the producer of the Cityline segment in which my work will be featured with four other artists. She was just checking in to see if everything was on que for Thursday. I have to be there at 9 a.m. with the work and even though I won't actually be "on air" I'm still crazy nervous. They have asked me to bring 3 pieces but only 2 may make it to air. It was a tough decision but it will definitely be one of the three I've just completed minus the glass. Apparently Eric McClelland of Fleur-de-lis Interior Design will be introducing my work which is super exciting since he owns one of the most prestious interior design firms in Toronto.....ok now I'm feeling dizzy. John has a couple of appointments in the city on Thursday afternoon so he is going to drive me down... thankfully. Can't risk a fender bender with me behind the wheel.

I also found out today that I'm involved in a "smalls" show at Hartley Woodside's Gallery on Saturday which will run until Christmas. We had discussed the show back when the Images Tour was in full swing but I hadn't heard anything further until today when I received the flyer in which my art was front and center........uh ohh. Since I'm already involved in the Art Show in the Village all weekend I'll drive up to Hartley's on Friday with a couple pieces. He has a very loyal clientele and they buy art.

So yes, I'm excited with so much going on right now and just a touch overwhelmed. One of my friends, upon hearing this yesterday said "Enjoy this as you've worked hard and deserve it...just take the ride and see where it will take is always stranger than fiction" I'm holding that close to my heart this week.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fine Art Department

Row of Reds
Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk

A year or so ago, painter extraordinaire Tracy Helgeson came up with up with the brilliant idea of starting a website aptly called " The Fine Art Department". She asked some artist friends if they were interested and also chose from a long list of submissions and voila......The Fine Art Department was born. This outstanding site features 27 fine artists working together to promote our art..........yes, I am proudly a member.

We also (thanks to Tracy) have a Facebook Page which 700 fans (note: just checked and we are up to 773) have joined since it was published just last Thursday night...... check out Tracy's blog to find out her take on it as she has a great post this a.m.

Me? I need to get back to the studio ............

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Work

I've been hard at work in the studio all week and just this a.m. picked up the four new pieces I had sent up to my framer Diane last week. Even though it's my work and I imagine I should stay neurtral.........they are simply beautiful. This last batch of work has definitely been my best to date. This piece was inspired by a walk I took with a friend of mine last summer along the waterfront. Hard to tell from a jpeg but the ground cover is done in wool and silk with touches of shimmer here and there. I've also laid in this gorgeous green wool that is interlaced with specks of purples & pinks. The sky is painted in acrylic and the tree is completed totally in thread. The next three posts will include the other three pieces, one of which I may already have sold to an interior decorator.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Studio Time

This blog has taken a back seat to my studio time lately and that's not such a bad thing. Last week I took three new pieces to my framer and hope to have them back within a few days. I've asked them to not put the glass on but to just matt and frame. I'm still not totally sure which three pieces I'll be taking to Toronto for the Cityline segment but I do think at least two may be in the new group I've just completed. I spoke with the producer of the show and we decided that sans glass would probably work best just so there would be no glare. I will photo them when they come back from the framer and post them here....
On the home front, my youngest has the flu............. Everyone in this house has had it so far except for me. I've been doing everything humanly possible to stay healthy as my nephew is getting married this weekend and I am so looking forward to being there.
Take care..............

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Computer Virus...........knew I should have bought a MAC

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crazy, Exciting News

Work in Paint & Thread

If you remember back a few posts I had mentioned that this was going to be my year to "get out there", to finally begin taking chances and spend some serious time marketing my work. I've been at this for some ten years now and although my work has evolved to where it is was time for me to step out of the box, so to speak.

On Thursday I got an email from the producer of Cityline asking if I was interested in having three of my pieces appear on the show. They were doing a segment on art and artists and I was one of three or four they had invited to the show. I had initially emailed them with a blurb about my work and process and voila...........

Now I won't actually be on television but my work will and that is the important part. So I've been ultra pumped since then and so honoured to have my work on a show I myself have watched for the past fifteen years. I was home on maternity leave when I first started tuning in every morning at 10 a.m.

So on Thursday November 26th I'll head to Toronto for the taping but the show won't be aired until December 3rd. If your in Canada and have cable you'll more than likely be able to see it. I know it airs here at 9 a.m. You would have to check your local listings.

A big thank you to all who read this blog each and every week. Your support is and always will be appreciated on this end. The first few months the only people who read it were my friends and family but it has now blossomed to people from England to Turkey and my numbers continue to grow each and every week.

Thank You

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today I've Got Nothing.............

I questioned myself as to whether I would actually blog today seeing as I don't really have anything to say but since I've been doing my best to post at least twice a week I thought I would at least throw in a photo.

There was wet snow here this a.m. but I've heard a milder turnaround by the weekend. I am headed up to the Silverbridge Gallery tomorrow morning to drop off some new work which I pretty damn pleased with. They have been a great gallery when it comes to sales and I really like Michelle a lot.

Something exciting is in the process which I've been dying to talk about but I can't just yet and seeing as it isn't a done deal I'm keeping quiet until I find out for sure. If it does come together though I'll announce it here first................

Well, my green tea and studio await so.............

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's My B'Day

So today's by birthday...................

I posted the above picture because it kind of ties into one of my favourite quotes from the book Tuesdays with Morrie. To me it has always put my life into perspective.

For some strange reason I don't seem to mind birthdays at all. Rather than feel sad they seem to have the opposite effect on me. I just feel lucky that I'm still here and I've been fortunate enough to live the life I have. I have the most wonderful family who loves me as I love them and yes, we drive each other crazy sometimes but in some ways that just adds to the enjoyment of it all. I have the most wonderful friends who are supportive, loving and caring. I don't know where I'd be without them. I have my art which I am more passionate about today than I was when I first started. To be in the studio and to create is such a very large part of my life.

So tonight as we sit down to dinner and as is tradition in our family, John and the girls will each get a chance to toast me and to say a little something about what I mean to them. I will sit there and take it all in, enjoying the moment and feeling so damn grateful for the small things in life.

But I think I'll leave the last word to my friend Tom who sent me this message last night...............

"Happy Birthday, Mel. Make this the best day of this year...share with family and friends. You have earned another FREE trip around the Sun...starting tomorrow!!!"