Friday, November 27, 2009

Exciting, Amazing Day

Too busy today to write a long post about my experience yesterday at Cityline but it say it was surreal and far too exciting would be an understatement. I will post all the details on Monday. I've got work at two shows this weekend...check out my sidebar on this blog to find out where.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Ellen said...

Glad it went well. I thought it aired live yesterday, so I tried to watch, but football was on. I read your blog through a reader so I didn't see the side bar of when the show airs. I went searching for the airing date myself. Nice to see the show's details on Cityline's website with you at the very top of the featured items! Good luck with the shows this weekend. Hope they're a success, you deserve it.

Melody said...

Thanks Ellen as always your kind comments are so appreciated.