Thursday, November 25, 2010

So the snow isn't here quite yet but the above picture was taken last year ... just a preview of what's to come I'm sure.

The local newspaper The Orillia Packet & Times called me up a couple of days ago for an interview about this weekend's Art Show.  You can read it here

Shaping up to be a great show and if last year was any indication we should have a good turnout.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

 A Moment in Solitude

The above piece " A Moment in Solitude" sold at the Silverbridge Gallery over the weekend.  Bittersweet really as I did think at one time I would actually keep it for my own collection but so be it.  

I've been trying to get ready for the show in the village for the last little while but the old mojo isn't flowing quite as freely .... must be the imminent threat of cold weather and grey skies.  So as you can tell not a lot of blab about but if your around the area this weekend stop by and say "hello".  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ahhhh summer.... I'm missing it already which is probably why blogging has fallen by the wayside.  The weather here in my little corner of the world has been so fabulous that being cooped up inside hasn't been on my list of "to dos".  I hear the rain is coming in tonight so back to work I go.

This morning Breakfast Television on CityTV  had a small segment featuring Alison Goodwin of The Village Gallery talking about buying and choosing art.  A piece of my work was there along with some of the other artists they represent.... but don't blink or you may have missed mine.  Hint..  bottom left hand corner of your screen.

I've been organizing our little "art" show here in the village which ramps up on Saturday November 27 and run until Sunday November 28th.  We have a wide range of mediums covered with 12 artists in total and through word of mouth generally have a good turn out.  More on that next week.

Off to enjoy the sun.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nana & Me

My grandmother passed away last night ... she was 94 years old.  Although it was expected it doesn't by any means make it easier.  The last 15 years of her life she spent living with my mother as my Dad and my grandfather had previously passed.  It's funny because I had never thought them the best of friends before my Nana moved in but it became apparent as the years rolled by that my mom and my grandmother had forged an unbreakable bond.  Nana loved bingo, baseball games (she knew all the players and their stats) her family and in the last year she always mentioned how she was "just hanging" on long enough to see the birth of her great great grandchild Max.  She did and I know it brought her immense happiness.

I knew Nana loved me through her actions although it was not verbalized all that often until the last few times I visited her at the home.  As I was leaving she would reach for my hand and pull me close to kiss my cheek.  I realized she knew I  was thinking the same thoughts that were silently moving through her mind .... "it may be the last time I feel your hand in mine or the last time I have the chance to look into your eyes and really see you"  At those moments she would tell me she loved me and yes, that was enough.

I will always give credit to my Nana for instilling in me the value of working with my hands... a creativity that may have never manifested itself  if not for her.  Within that realm of creativity lay the skill of baking and of art.  To watch her fingers move the needle effortlessly through the fabric when she sewed if through water .. silent and smooth.  I would marvel at how it all seemed to come so easy for her when my embroidery looked to be a simple tangle of threads in my lap.  She would smile and tell me it was just experience at which point I would feel a small surge of hope that perhaps one day it would come as easily to me.

This morning I stood in my studio with my work all around me, closed my eyes and took the time I needed to appreciate what had been passed down to me .. the ability to create and the overwhelming joy that comes from that.  

And yes,  your right Nana it does come so much easier now it must be the experience I've gained after all these years and a wonderful teacher.

Safe passage.    I love you...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

50 You Say

So today 50 reared it's not so ugly head!

I say that because everything about being 50 isn't as bad as people make it out to be.  My friend Rita says 50 is the new 30 and I believe her ... you bet I do.  Yes, granted things are a tad different than when your in your 20's  but 20 was a time of uncertainty for me and perhaps a bit of insecurity because I just didn't know who I was or where I was going.  I hadn't yet discovered how good it was to just be me and I kept trying to meet some stupid expectations that society had set for me as a person and as a woman.   30 was when I had my girls and those years are a bit of a blur to me now but don't get me wrong as I did love that period but there were moments in which I was totally consumed with doing the "mommy thing" and  totally lost the "Melody" thing.

So here I sit at 50 and to be completely honest  I know so many people who have passed from my life whose memories I hold dear but I can't call them up to say "hi" or even tell them I miss them so I am continually reminded of how precious and dear life really is and everyday I just feel so damn grateful that I'm healthy (I mean,  I think I am but being a bit of a hyporcondriac you just never know) happy and here.

And once again thanks to my friend Tom who always reminds me  ..."Happy Birthday Mel.  Make this the best day of this year...share with family and friends.  You have earned another FREE trip around the Sun...staring tomorrow!

P.S.  Must thank my friend Judy for the BIG 50 hat which I think I did manage to put on my head after much coercing.....for a total of 45 seconds ... not becoming whatsovever but John did manage to snap a pic of me wearing it so my mission will now be to find it and destroy it.