Tuesday, November 2, 2010

50 You Say

So today 50 reared it's not so ugly head!

I say that because everything about being 50 isn't as bad as people make it out to be.  My friend Rita says 50 is the new 30 and I believe her ... you bet I do.  Yes, granted things are a tad different than when your in your 20's  but 20 was a time of uncertainty for me and perhaps a bit of insecurity because I just didn't know who I was or where I was going.  I hadn't yet discovered how good it was to just be me and I kept trying to meet some stupid expectations that society had set for me as a person and as a woman.   30 was when I had my girls and those years are a bit of a blur to me now but don't get me wrong as I did love that period but there were moments in which I was totally consumed with doing the "mommy thing" and  totally lost the "Melody" thing.

So here I sit at 50 and to be completely honest  I know so many people who have passed from my life whose memories I hold dear but I can't call them up to say "hi" or even tell them I miss them so I am continually reminded of how precious and dear life really is and everyday I just feel so damn grateful that I'm healthy (I mean,  I think I am but being a bit of a hyporcondriac you just never know) happy and here.

And once again thanks to my friend Tom who always reminds me  ..."Happy Birthday Mel.  Make this the best day of this year...share with family and friends.  You have earned another FREE trip around the Sun...staring tomorrow!

P.S.  Must thank my friend Judy for the BIG 50 hat which I think I did manage to put on my head after much coercing.....for a total of 45 seconds ... not becoming whatsovever but John did manage to snap a pic of me wearing it so my mission will now be to find it and destroy it.


Ellen said...

It's still your birthday in my part of the world, so I'm not late. Happy, happy 50th birthday Melody! It really is wonderful to get older, gain the wisdom to appreciate the small things, lose those insecurities, be comfortable just being yourself. Glad you had great birthday!

andrea said...

You made it to The Dark Side. Congratulations. There will be a meeting of the initiated tomorrow.... :)