Thursday, October 28, 2010

For some unknown reason Blogger is not allowing me to post photos this morning so let's just pretend I've put up another wonderful pic........

A week with lots of up and downs

-  John was in Toronto yesterday and was kind enough to drop by The Village Gallery with five new pieces as they've sold everything I've given them to date which is wonderful news.  The pics should be up on the site by the weekend according to Megan

-  the studio is in chaos at the moment as I'm am moving things around.  The space I'm in now in  is really just a spare bedroom and will go back to being a spare bedroom as well as my sewing space.  It just makes more sense since I'll be taking over the downstairs office for painting and  the north light is incredible almost all day long.

-  so the sad news:  my grandmother has now been moved into palliative care.  During her recent bout with pneumonia it was discovered that she now is faced with cancer in one of her lungs.  They are keeping her as comfortable as possible with pain medication and although I'm a realist and the logical part of my brain understands she is 94 and has lived a full life .... the emotional part of that same brain is still finding it difficult.

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andrea said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. For me it's watching my dad decline. Meanwhile, my husband's grandmother seems indestructible at 100. She's the only inmate in her facility that can still walk unassisted. Hugs.