Monday, October 4, 2010

Today I've assigned myself the task of getting it together for the Images Tour that kicks off on Friday.  Thursday is set up and as usual I don't feel I'm ready but whether I am or I'm not doesn't seem to make any difference as it's happening all the same.

I also woke up with this brainstorm of an idea this morning which I gently (notice I say gently)  bounced off John this a.m. while he was eating his breakfast.  Me:  How about if I take over the downstairs office which gets plenty of beautiful light in the morning and which we don't use a hell of a lot and turn it into my painting studio???  Him:  what about the studio your in now?  Me:  well I would set up my computer there as well as continue using that room for sewing.  Him:  so you'll now have two rooms dedicated to your art? (Rolling his eyes)
 Me: (in a batting my eyes sort of way) No, not necesarily as maybe we could put a single bed in there and also use it as a guest room as we never seem to have enough space when people come to visit (thought I'd throw that in there that way it would I appear as if I were being flexible.  Him:  yeah, that could probably work.  Me: (quietly and to myself) that was way easier than I thought it would be.


andrea said...

You are brilliant. (And those frames look wonderful on your art, even behind bubble wrap!)

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea ... nothing like a good friend for support..much appreciated