Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Red Tree
Work in Paint & Thread

Wednesday we headed off for the (yikes) mall. As you can probably tell by the previous sentence, I'm not that into the "mall" thing but the girls did need a few back to school items so off we went. My saving grace was the fact that my friend Judy came along with her daughters so while they ran around looking for deals, Judy and I were able to sit and have a chai latte. I must admit I've never had a chai latte in my life but I will say it was delicious and I'm sure very calorie laden. Glad I do not live near a Starbucks.

We arrived at the mall around 9:30 and left around 3:00. I have no idea how they can spend that much time walking around looking at clothes. I was awe struck by the amount of teenagers that were carrying in one hand, shopping bags full of clothing from American Eagle, Aeropostal and Gap and in the other hand they were busy texting their friends. When I was a teenager (I swore I would never say "when I was a teenager" and now I'm saying very sad) I got excited when my older cousins passed along their hand me downs. Times sure have changed!


Tracy said...

My sympathies are with you, Melody. We have also done the mall thing recently and it is just painful.

And I can't believe that I am saying this, but here goes: I can't believe the fashions these days! The shirts are either skin tight or look like maternity tops. My poor 11 year old wants to wear the fashionable things but they are not flattering to her at all. UGH! And don't get me started on how much everything costs.

Am I old now, or what?:)

andrea said...

Just be glad you have girls. Against my better judgement (and when I would FAR ratehr be doing something else)I have to force my boys into a mall, force opinions out of them and force them to try things on. No chai lattes for me! :)

Ellen said...

Lovely fall tree. Those incredible fall colours are definitely something I miss from Ontario. And I'm off to the mall today too! ugh! Same reason. I wish someone could start a permanent trend to make used clothes and generic clothes chic. But having 3 older sisters, can't say I share your happy memories of hammydowns...bright green polyester bell bottoms and red corduroy vests, I looked like a Christmas elf.

Melody said...

Tracy, your right the fashion is outrageous. One of the most popular stores here is Garage which is supposed to cater to teenagers. On the front window of the store are the words "Sexy, Sexy, Sexy". Most of the kids that shop there are from 10 to very sad.
Your younger than me so I would say I'm old.

Andrea, wish I could commiserate with you but I don't have boys. Maybe when we get together in Vancouver I'll buy you a chai latte.

Ellen, I do understand the "elf like" clothes. My mom dressed me in hot pink leotards and polka dotted dresses.....

Jean Levert Hood said...

Let me start with this:
I am so glad I'm not raising a teenager!!
The mall would be punishment to me! of course, living 125 miles from one helps, but I do all I can to avoid them.

Great piece there, Melody, I'm not surprised it's sold!

cynthia said...

It's that time of the year! Luckily, my MIL took my daughter back to school shopping, so I'm good till the weather turns cold. :)

My daughter can spend hours debating and looking for just the perfect item and she's only 10. Where do they learn this from? I'm not a shopper... sigh

Melody said...

Jean, your right the mall is punishment. Thanks for the kind words about the piece.

Cynthia, your daughter seems to be the same type of shopper as my oldest. Takes her forever to find that one piece. Wait till she hits 16.