Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just A Bunch of Random Stuff

Waterwings.......Work in Progress

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the studio playing around with paint and canvas sheets. I'm finding that I much prefer wood panels than canvas at this point but canvas was what I had on hand. I didn't feel like getting my sewing machine involved even though I should be as the Purple Hills Studio Tour kicks off September 28th. Lately I've been trying out Golden's new Open Paint and am quite liking it. So much so that I placed an order with Island Blue Art Supplies in Victoria for a few tubes (ok way too many tubes) and am anxious for them to arrive. Although they are acrylics they stay "open"(hence the name) for a much longer time then regular acrylics allowing you to blend for an extended period of time which I really like.

Just finished reading James Frey's "Bright Shiny Morning" which Kelly so generously lent to me. If you remember James Frey, he wrote "A Million Little Pieces" which was the book that Oprah chose for her book club. It was discovered his memoir wasn't totally accurate and the guy was lambasted in the media. You can read about it here in an excellent article that Vanity Fair did in May 2008. Regardless of how you feel about him and what he did (I personally don't care) there is no denying he is a great writer.

Next week I have to take the girls "Back To School" shopping. They both have their lists made which at some point today I will have to take a good long look at. Anything that mentions any type of electronics will be getting erased. I have asked them to look at what they already have and go from there. Not buying more jeans when there are a couple of pairs sitting in their closet. I think this whole line the advertising world has fed us is just another way in which to get our wallets opened so we can continue to be good little consumers. How much stuff do our kids really need and why do they have to go out and get it all before school starts? What about picking up a couple things now and then a couple things in October or November. Just my little rant for the day.

Hope your having a good one.............


Ellen said...

Oooo, new paint stuff, that gets me excited. I've never heard of them. I'm curious, I love using the Golden fluid acrylics, but sadly, most are heavy with lead and other nasty stuff, is it the same with the Open line?

I can completely relate to your back to school viewpoint. So much ridiculous pressure to buy lots of new stuff, just because it's new. It doesn't do our kids (or the planet) any service to constantly cater to the consumer mentality. When did true need and want become so mixed up? (ranting right with you)

Melody said...

Yeah Ellen, I don't think the "open" line is much different. I wish I could find a paint that didn't contain some of the nasties but so far no luck.

Thanks for joining me in the rant. It's always better in numbers.