Friday, February 6, 2009

Where's My Discipline When I Need It?

The Path


The sun is out this a.m. and it looks like we are in for some milder temperatures over the next few days which is just fine with me. Although I must admit I have enjoyed skiing with Kelly and Joan on Sundays. Rather a nice ritual we have going!

We have a couple different routes we take just to mix it up. Unfortunately last Sunday I suggested the lake route and poor Kelly had to really do some serious trailblazing since the path hadn't been packed down yet. Sorry Kelly!

On the studio front I've still not been as consistent as I would like to be. What happened to my New Year's resolutions? Fallen by the wayside I'm afraid. It's that damn Facebook which I check out every morning to see what everyone else is doing when I should be concentrating on what I'm doing. Where's my discipline? And while we are on the topic of discipline............if there was ever anyone I could take lessons from it would be Lisa Call. I've been following her blog since long before I started mine. Here's a woman who holds down a full time job, religiously updates her blog on a regular basis, has children, is a single Mom, is in the middle of house renovations and sells and markets her work to perfection. Just reading what she's up to and watching her home come together exhausts me. But I'm sure if I asked her where her discipline comes from she'd probably tell me to just "get in there and do the work" which would then mean the ball is back in my court. Check her her blog and take a look at her beautiful textile paintings.

And hey Lisa, slow down a bit cause your making me look bad.


Tracy said...

Lisa makes us ALL look bad:)

At least you are doing some cross country skiing-the most activity I am getting these days is dragging a bucket of water through the snow to the chicken house. woo-hoo

cynthia said...

Lisa is a dynamo! I think her discipline comes from her job as a computer professional - everything organized with time management goals...

I've never ever been cross country skiing before - looks peaceful.

If you find the secret to finding some discipline, let me know ;)

Melody said...

Tracy, that is a form of exercise though. At least your moving. Awhile ago I read your daily routine and believe me, it was exhausting as well.

Cynthia, yeah your probably right. I don't know if it would be possible for me to be that organized. If I figure out the discipline thing I'll be sure to let you know but don't hold your breath.

Lisa said...

Thanks all.

I'm not sure I'm all that organized or disciplined - I just work really really fast so you don't realize I goof off a lot also. Hours on facebook doing nothing - evil.

new plan - I don't turn on the computer until I've done some studio time first. I really don't need to tell everyone on twitter I'm going to my studio before doing it (or do I - hm)...

Ellen said...

Ah, this is why I never make New Years resolutions, although I make them other times of the year and then hang my head in shame. I'm not sure I'm ready to look at Lisa's blog yet. Lovely art piece, is that a new one?

tlwest said...

The Path is Beautiful!

Melody said...

Ellen, no not a new piece. I finished it a few years ago and it is now residing in it's rightful place with new owners who bought it at a show I did.

Hey Terri, thanks much.