Thursday, February 26, 2009 progress
Work in Paint & Thread

Today I've decided to boycott the news. I'm sure all those media outlets are shaking in their boots with that announcement. I guess I'm just sick and tired of all the doom and gloom. Yeah, I'm totally aware of the economic downturn were in but having it thrown in your face all day long is enough to drive a girl crazy. So instead of listening to my well loved CBC I'm taking a day off and bringing a few CD's into the studio this morning. Some Van Morrison, old Doobie Brothers (Captain and Me), some Madonna if I feel like dancing and an old standby........Guns N Roses. Where the hell is Axl now?


Kayla coo said...

Hello Melody,
Lovely to meet you and to see your wonderful art.
So glad you popped in to say hello, I will add you to my blog list.
Michala x

Melody said...

Good to meet you too Michala. Love your blog and will continue to check it. I will also put you on my blog list. Take care,