Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enjoying The Outdoors

A Moment in Solitude
Work in Thread, Wool, Silk and Paint
Available at  The Village Gallery

I'm moving my work supplies outside today as it is simply gorgeous...too gorgeous to be inside but I still need to work so out I go.  It will be an interesting change of pace to step outside the box of my studio and I do mean box... it feels as if I'm rapidly outgrowing the space in which I work as I can barely turn around without bumping into something.   I'll take my ipod (can't be without), my cup of Earl Grey (used to be coffee but it makes me too nuts) and the current piece I'm working on and just enjoy being in the fresh air.  

It feels as if I've hit a brick wall lately when it comes to work which according to my friend Ellen is completely natural.... she said "ebb and flow, these things are cyclical.  It'll be back"  So perhaps what I need right about now is  a little push and some sunshine on my face to feel that old mojo ... I'll let you know.


andrea said...

I need to get to know that Ellen. Maybe she'll set me straight! And I know the studio space problem but it's cool and grey here again today :(. Since my basement is littered with teenage boy bodies I'm stuck! (Fortunately I have a large yard in which to bury them... ha!)

Ellen said...

So Im a month late in commenting. Looks like you have your mojo back, congrats on the recent sales and new work. I heard that Ellen person is pretty decent but she usually likes to dole out advice rather than act on any;)