Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fading Rituals
Mixed Media on Canvas


This week as far as work goes (the art kind) ...will be a write off. 

 My inlaws arrive on Monday for my daughter's graduation and then leave on Wednesday for Toronto.  Wednesday I start cleaning the house and grocery shop for the second shift as my family arrives on Thursday.  They depart on Sunday just in time for my inlaws to show up for dinner on Sunday night.  Come Monday all goes back to it's usual comforting pulse of silence....o.k. maybe not silence as I forgot the girls are off school for summer'll find me working in the garage.

Things have been slow lately and I'm simply trying to finish up two pieces to deliver to Carol Currie for the Thunder Beach Show on July 17th.  Other than that I've been kind of wandering around doing my best to reorganize and purge my house of "stuff" that seems to have collected in drawers I never find the need to open.  I know there's junk in there so that's why I never open them.    The rain here seems to be relentless and day in and day out it seems rather gloomy.... not good weather when it comes to being inspired..sunshine is my drug when it comes to creativity.

At the moment I'm  reading "Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert and am really enjoying it.  If you read "Eat, Pray, Love" and think this book will be anything like that..."it's not".  I read many of the reviews on Amazon and thought the people that didn't like it were looking for a sister book to EPL.  This book stands on it's own merit and as far as I'm concerned she's a really good writer.  It's frank and honest and 
gives you a sobering look at marriage as a whole.

Anyway, I'm off.. ..time for a bit of meditation as my practice has been lagging lately


Susan said...

Just got my regular email with updates to the blog world of mixed media artists and you were there. Love your work. Read your statement and feel very similar. This is great:
"Through my work I try to explore the persistence of things in the world.
This fascinates me.
The sky, trees, bodies of water and humanity...........the strength of the human spirit.......all of these things become symbols of endurance and timelessness"
When I have more time I'm going to read more.
Beautiful work. And I like the direction you seemed to be shifting towards.

Melody said...

Thanks so much for reading Susan... it is so appreciated. Thanks also for the kind words about my work ... as always it continues to evolve