Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Few Things I've Learned in 2010 (but some I already knew)

Teenagers will run screaming from the room if you decide to dance to Madonna's "Celebration" in the living room.

When making cookies parchment paper is mandatory

Listening when others speak will always be more important than talking

A daily yoga practice does as much to strengthen the mind as it does the body

Turning 50 is good ... 

Learning to accept "what is" is so much easier than continually banging your head against the wall

Art continues to fill something within me that cannot be described in words....only feelings

Performing one act of random kindness each day will change you.....promise

Even though dark chocolate is good for you....eating too much will make your heart beat at 250 beats per minute and yes, I know from experience

Friends will stick with you until your unstuck

Owning what your husband considers "too many" Roots purses will piss him off.

Pure joy can be found in a hot cup of green tea, a blanket and a good book

A hot flash is not a "slight warming" it is a five alarm fire

Living in the moment is a choice to be made everyday

Family is always there to hold you up and hold your hand.....always there

Meditation is key

A new baby in the family opens your heart to unconditional love and has you making incredibly "goofy" faces just for that one moment in which he rewards you with a smile.  My new most favourite guy, Max.

Last but not least......

Try your best not to take life too seriously, it's not like anyone of us is getting out alive.


Rita Vindedzis said...

Sounds like 2010 was a good year for you Melody. I like the life lessons you've learned.

We should all dance more!! (and drive our teens crazy :-)

Melody said...

Looking forward to meeting up with you Rita for that long awaited latte at Starbucks.