Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Florence, Italy is magical.........

I've been trying to think of how best I could describe it all morning long and that's the only word that kept popping up.

It is like no place I've ever been....

We ended up arriving in Italy much later than we intended as we missed our connecting flight out of Germany and had to wait another two hours for the next available flight to Florence.  But we didn't stress and just figured we'd get there when we did.  

View From My Room 

When we finally checked in we couldn't wait to start walking around and walk we did for the next six days.  Florence is known as "a walking city" and that is the only way to truly see it as there are unexpected discoveries to be made down every small alleyway.

I discovered Gelato  

I didn't manage to eat myself through every flavour but that wasn't from lack of trying..

We did the typical tourist thing and photographed out Gelatos ... like that didn't center us out from the locals.

Our hotel was situated right down town alongside the Arno River .. the views were spectacular each and every day.

and night.....

.... Next time ... 

all we saw, all we did and the pise de resistance....Michelangelo's David

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