Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here's To You Glen

Last Tuesday my cousin Glen passed away.  I heard the news on Thursday.

He was only 51.

If he were here today I would say ........

The last time I saw you was years ago at another family funeral ... so unfortunate the way that always seems to happen.  We make promises to "get in touch" and  "see each other soon" but it never really works out that way.  Once we get home life just gets in the way.... raising kids, jobs, other relationships, commitments and before you know it ....we simply forget.

I wish I had known you and your family better.  I do know you have two daughters who are close in age to my girls. I know you are married to sweet Lynne and it is she who I can't seem to get off my mind these last few days.  How beautiful and happy she was the day of your wedding ...  I can only imagine her heartbreak now as she journeys through life without her husband and her best friend.  I think of your girls, Victoria and Hillary, and I do understand their pain, having lost my own father, your Uncle Paul at 53 years old.  Far too young

I've spent time this past weekend reading the condolences from your friends and family and they speak of a good man, husband, father and friend.  A man whose life touched others and made their lives all the better for having known you.  And although you are gone far too soon, a man who was deeply loved by all her knew him and knew how to love deeply is a sweet and rich legacy to leave behind.

Yes, a good life indeed.

Here's to you Glen ..................

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