Friday, August 19, 2011

For The Love of A Lake

Lake Superior is the most beautiful lake I've ever experienced...hands down...enough said!  

It has the ability to be calm and serene but within a short period of time the waves are crashing in on the beach with such incredible force and energy it will take your breath away.   I will never tire of watching the beauty of that water and it's unpredictability. There is a feeling of aliveness that overcomes you just being there in that space. 

I did a lot of drawing while sitting on the beach as the skies were absolutely incredible ... it continues to remind me of how small I really am in the scope of things....makes you grateful...makes you humbled.

There was a crazy amount of blueberries this year.  We had them all around the camp (fyi...people in northern ontario call their cottage a camp...took me years to get used to this but think I've come around now) just pick em and eat em.

John's mom, Ruth,  served us the most amazing meal on our last night there right out on the deck overlooking the lake. Such attention to detail was the most gorgeous setting for a dinner.

And even though I am not physically there today .... this place continues to live in my memories, my heart and my soul.

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