Thursday, November 17, 2011

Change ... It's Inevitable

I haven't always been that great with change and perhaps I'm still not but I'm getting there.

But oh, I am so in love with the word Flow ... sometimes I say it softly to myself, a mantra of sorts.  To me it conjures up images of water gently skimming the surface of beach rocks or laundry hanging on the line on a breezy summer day under a cerlean sky.  When I look at my life and how Flow presents itself in that realm I realize it is all about me being open to whatever happens without resistance.  It is what my all time favourite spiritual book reminds me of everyday.  I've mentioned in previous posts how
Stephen Mitchell's translation of The Tao Te Ching resonates most with me.  I read a page everyday  ... it centers me, it balances me, it presents a slight shift that I can feel within me.

My art continues to evolve and change ... that change excites me!  Even though some of my earlier works still make me cringe, I feel it is important to revisit them now and again just to clearly see the big picture.  You can't move forward without acknowledging where you've been.

So the work moves forward as do I.  Which means shedding off the old and forging ahead with the new.  Come Monday I (along with help cause God knows I can't do it alone) will be creating a combined website and blog on WordPress ... it's time and I love the idea of having both of them together as well as creating a site which is representational of me, my art and my life.  I've also been getting a bit of help with marketing and other "art stuff" which I will discuss at some point in a future post.

The next few weeks will be busy ones but I'm up for the challenge (she says nervously biting her nails down to the quick)  Yeah, I'm slowly warming up to change because in life it is all you can really be certain of.

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