Thursday, March 8, 2007

Inspiration from Lake Superior

So here is Superior in all it's beauty. I feel so fortunate to own a small piece of property here. We will be heading up again soon....I call it my "inspirational well". Here I get so many new ideas for my artwork....everything from colour to design to storytelling.
There is something truly mystical and magical upon being on the shores of this beautiful place that makes me feel such gratitude.......for simply being alive.
So once again I will take my sketchpad, my pencils, some fabric and paint and allow Lake Superior to work it's magic on me.


Bob Gregory said...

Hi Melody:

The beauty of your artwork stands alone but the poetic prose attached to each piece enriches the experience of viewing them. As a long time friend and neighbour, I know your inspiration comes from deep within your heart and is merely triggered by the landscape and people whom you love and who love you in return. "The Long Journey Home" which you generously donated to our Livingstone Theatre Project in Zambia is but one example.

Your blog is really nicely displayed and the links to various other web sites makes for some interesting reading. Are some of these 'Favourites' other members of your online course?

As an online professor, myself, I give you an 'A+'


Cynthia said...

I'm in the process of scanning slides from my childhood and just came across a number from our visits to Lake Superior. It's gorgous and magical!