Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Clean Up

Today is the day for the big studio clean up. I keep walking by, closing my eyes and pretending it is not as messy as I think it is............but it is. All my wools, threads and fabrics that were once sorted are now lying in a tangled mess on my work table and my floor. Simba the cat has begun walking out of there with threads stuck to his tail. Organization has never been my strong suit.
I work out of a very small spare bedroom that really doesn't provide me the room I need but for now it is all I've got and better than the dining room table I once use to work on so I am really not complaining. Ok, maybe just a touch but we all have our moments.
Last year I got a tour of a fellow artist's studio which was built on top of her existing house. I don't believe my entire house is as big as her studio. There were leather couches, big screen televison, stereo system and so much natural light it would make you weep. If it were mine I don't think I would ever leave. But maybe on the other side of the coin it would prevent me from working at all, what with the big screen television, small kitchen, stereo would be tempting to just relax, put my feet up and watch a good old movie until of course the husband and kids found me.

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Cynthia said...

I am commiserating with you on the studio space and clean up. Now that I've officially moved my studio to the garage, I realize it too is not big enough. I need a warehouse!

You painted such a great picture of your cat walking through your studio with thread stuck to his tail!