Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Here.....Get Out The Toboggan

Well it finally arrived last night........15cm of the cold white stuff. My oldest daugher is beside herself as she has been waiting for this moment since November. I could have waited a bit longer but now that it is here I will admit.... it sure is beautiful. The view from my bedroom window this morning was picture postcard perfect.

Tomorrow I am off to "A Spa Day in The Village".........that is not what it is called but it is what I've been calling it. Our friends Bob and Marilyn who are moving to Africa in January to begin another chapter of their lives are having a "spa day" as a fundraiser for their Livingstone Theatre Project. They will be offering everything from a manicure to a pedicure to even something called an Indian Head Massage. A light lunch is provided and then on to the treatments. Can't wait............I'll let you know what that Indian Head Massage entails...............


Jill Smith said...

Melody, the Indian Head massage is fantastic as it makes you so at peace with every one, you will love it

Melody said...

Jill, just came back from the Indian Head Massage and yes, it was truly fantastic