Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanks Jane made my day

The other day I came across some new work by a textile artist I have always admired............ Jane Kenyon. It's funny how we see other artist's work, appreciate it, are inspired by it, but never take the time to let them know. So I decided I was going to email her for nothing other than to tell her that her artwork had always inspired me and that I had followed her career for quite some time.....I tried to keep in mind that I didn't want to gush too much or perhaps she would think I was some strange stalker woman. The following day I got the nicest email from her. She said she recognized my name (ok, that was definitely the highlight of my day that Jane Kenyon knew my name) so she checked out my website and told me that my work has beautiful and how each piece was like a tiny jewel. I think I'll save that email for the rest of my life.

This whole telling artists how much you love their work also spills over into just telling the people in your life how much they mean to you. I have done this my entire life and believe me.... it feels amazing. I think at times people are taken aback when I just come right out and tell them that I love them (I don't do this to complete strangers ok? I'm not that weird) or how much it means having them in my life, or even simple things such as telling them what a great cook they are, how they knew just the right thing to say in a difficult moment, etc. etc. You get the jist of it. I believe all we really have right now is this moment...........My intention is to always try and make the most of it.

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andrea said...

I so admire that. Maye it's because I wasn't raised in an emotionally open environment or maybe it's just my natural reserve but I have a hard time just laying it on the line like that, except with my immediate loved ones.

Must check out Jane Kenyon now.