Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gearing Up

Yesterday I headed off to Midland to see Carol and Stu at the Carriage House Gallery to drop off some of my new work as well as pick up some postcards. We spent some time going over most of my work for the show (I still have three pieces that I haven't finished yet). Carol made great lemon/ginger tea and we sat around in the kitchen talking about the "business of art". They are both tremendously talented and have such wonderful insight and exciting ideas that I couldn't wait to get home and start working again. Some people are just like that aren't they? When you come away from your time with them you feel not only motivated but more of yourself than when you got there. Rather hard to explain except to say, it is just this great energy some people exude.....feels good to be in their company. Once again I am digressing. The gallery is stunningly beautiful. They have really outdone themselves this time. They were both very excited about my work which of course is music to an artist's ears. They also loved the small pieces I just started double matting and selling here. They would like to know if I could have ten for opening night..... Yikes. Looks like my butt is going to be in the studio night and day until June the 5th.


Ellen said...

That gallery does look beautiful and I wish I could come see the show! It's nothing like a good deadline to really keep up the motivation. I'm sure the next few weeks are going to feel like a blur. Be sure to post all the work you finish, can't wait to see it!

Melody said...

I wish you could come to the show also.... I'll keep posting each piece as I complete it so you can get an idea of what I'll be showing. I'll also take lots of photos on opening night.