Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting Ready for The In Laws

This little guy is a neighbour of my in laws who live on Lake Superior. He makes his home just beneath a rock in their front yard. He is oh so very tame and allows you to come quite close before he makes a dash for his hole.........I call it a condo since from looking at him he seems to be living in the lap of luxury.

Speaking of my in laws, they arrive tomorrow at noon which makes me quite anxious as my house is a complete mess. This is the day in which I freak out and turn into Molly Maid. When I look around, I try not to, I truthfully don't know where to start. Should I wash the kitchen floor, how about vaccumming the cat hair off the couch, the bathrooms need to be cleaned and I still have groceries to pick up.

Having other people stay with you forces you to clean out those drawers that continue to get everything stuffed into them. You know the ones with the old flyers, empty gum wrappers, tops of old tupperware that have no bottoms.... that junk. Now I may not notice it all that often because I'm used to seeing it but when guests arrive it is a whole other ball game. They will be opening all those lovely cupboards and drawers where I hide my lack of organization. I have this cupboard beneath my stove top where I stash all my pots and pans. It is very disorganized but to my credit, I have children. Everytime you pull out one pot, about three others, that someone (teenagers) has stacked on top, fall on the floor in a loud clank. Rather embarrasing when your having a dinner party. Did I say I had teenagers? Don't get me wrong, my in laws are the easiest people in the world. They would never expect me to do anything at all in preparation for their visit. This is just all of my "crazy stuff".

I wish I were more like my father in law, he is the ultimate in organized. The last time he was here he cleaned out my entire car complete with vaccuming. It looked like the day I bought it. Won't he be in for a pleasant surprise when he arrives only to see it has reverted back to it's old self. Both girls are out this morning so I can't saddle them with any of the chores. Weren't they smart to make other plans for today?

Back to that chipmunk.... I bet his condo is spotless. All those peanuts lined up nice and neat in a row but then again I bet he doesn't share his home with teenagers.


Jean Levert Hood said...

I love the little chipmunk, Melody!! Hey, why don't you leave the cleaning for your Father in Law. He doesn't need to stop at your car, that could just be a starting point!!

Relax and enjoy -

Melody said...

Jean your comment made my day. I laughed so hard. Right you are...

Ellen said...

There's a scene in the movie, American Splendor in which Harvey Pekar (Paul Giamatti) brings the woman (his future wife) he's been corresponding with, to his home for the first time. His place is a disgusting mess and he says, "I would have cleaned up but I didn't want to give you false expectations". I love that line. I wish I was that brave. But I do like having people over regularly to force myself to improve my naturally slobby ways.

Have fun with your family!

Melody said...

Oh God Ellen that is so funny. I'll have to rent that movie just to hear that line.
Have a great weekend.