Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ramblings and Tears.....The Good Kind

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Acrylic on Canvas

I've noticed in the last few years how little it takes to make me cry. I think I became more aware of this as I entered into my fourth decade on this planet. My tears are not generally related to current events and the downward spiral of the world, God knows there would be enough to cry about my waterworks are usually reserved for genuine acts of know, the good tears.

Saturday night we watched "Remember The Titans" My eyes must have filled up with tears at least five times. I love Denzel Washington and this movie, being based on a true story, never fails to inspire me. If you haven't seen it, your in for a treat. Watch the trailer here.

Ellen's newest post on her blog Creative Laundry is just so beautifully written. She is not only a fabulous artist but an extremely talented writer. "Billions of Stories" truly resonated with me.

Check out Dumb Little Man, Create a Richer Life in 24 Hours or Less. Each point that was made in this post forced me to contemplate the million and one ways in which I am rich. Perhaps not monetarily but in all the ways that are important.........friends and family.......and in the end baby, that's all that's really gonna count.

I watched Oprah on Monday as Craig Keilburger was a guest. I have written about him before as he is the founder of "Free The Children" an organization that I have chosen to support and have for the last few years. He has also written one of my favourite books "Me To We". His organization and Oprah's Angel Network have teamed up for a program that focuses on sending high school kids to third world countries to help build schools for much needed communities. I believe I ran out of kleenex during that show. Ironically enough I found out last week that my oldest daughter will be meeting Craig Keilburger tomorrow in Toronto. As part of her Careers class at school, she and four of her classmates had to choose a charity to support. They then had to present their case to, first the class and then the school, explaining why this particular charity was worthy of a $5,000.00 donation. They chose a woman's shelter in our community which is so very deserving. Well, they won and $5,000.00 has been awarded to the women's shelter. She is now a part of the Youth and Philanthropy Iniative and along with students from all over Ontario will be attending an awards ceremony at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto. Craig Kielburger will be the guest speaker and I know it will be a powerful experience for her.

See ya, I've got to go and see if we've got any Visine in the house.


cynthia said...

I find myself becoming increasingly teary eyed at the everyday too...especially this time of the year. It sounds like you are very rich!

Melody said...

Thanks Cynthia.....I know you are too!

andrea said...

Wow -- what a fabulous experience for your daughter. I was just thinking about all these important links and interesting things we post and how much good stuff there is to follow up and how little time there is. It makes me wonder why we bother, but if just one person gets something out of our efforts it's all worth it, isn't it? BTW the link to the movie doesn't work (proving that I did follow up...:).

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea. I feel the same way. If just one person gets something out there that perhaps can help another in some small is more than worth it. I'll check out the faulty link.

Ellen said...

I got that inspired, teary eyed feeling hearing about your daughter, you must be so proud! And I agree with you, when you sit back and count all the little things in your life to be grateful for, it's impossible to not feel blessed and lucky.

That's a lovely painting. And thanks again for the mention (you're so nice!)

Melody said...

You know what Ellen? Your so nice. I can't tell you how many wonderful people I have met through this blog alone. Kindness is all around when your really open to seeing it. Now let's pass the kleenex.