Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Up Close & Personal

The Path
Work in Paint & Thread

A few days ago someone I consider to be a good friend and whose judgement I value, suggested that I take a few good closeup shots of my work. She thought it would be helpful for people to really see my stitches up close which would then give them a better understanding of how my art comes together and what it takes to make that happen. She's right of course (thanks Tracy)which then had me helplessly trying to figure out how to take a better photo when I'm much more of a "point and shoot" kinda girl.

Lighting is a key issue in photograpy or so I've heard. The lighting in my bedroom is generally the best especially between 10:00a.m. to noon so I decided to start in there. Not direct sunlight but still nice and bright. So I set up my easel and my artwork and got down to it. The first little while things were rather frustrating but after a bit of time had passed my daughter walked in and clued me into the macro button which is meant to be used for closeups. Duh? Why I didn't read the damn manual when I bought the thing is beyond me. For a split second I considered going to find it but then decided I probably wouldn't undertstand it anyway. Best to take instruction from my fourteen year old who surprisingly enough seems to be smarter than me. So with the clock ticking and more time passing I think I got a few pretty good shots........for a beginner of course. I am and continue to be a work in progress.
So here is a closeup of the piece I posted entitled "The Path". I think it gives you a better understanding of how tiny the stitches are and how many of them it takes to complete a very small area.

Here's the piece Harvest Sky and below are two closeup shots. The ground cover is completed in both wool and silk which gives it a very textured look.

When I did the Purple Hills Tour last weekend I can't tell you how many people thought my work was a painting. It's not until you get up close that you realize the combination of paint and thread. I find the two mediums together quite exciting as texture is what I continue to explore in all of my work. The way in which the two fuse together keeps me in the studio day after day searching for new ways in which to play and to create. My boo hooing days are over and I'm back at work.

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Tracy said...

The close ups look great, Melody!

Don't worry, I cannot fully utilize my camera either. Or my cell phone, computer, or dvd player. i am pretty good with my clock radio though:)