Thursday, October 30, 2008


Work in Acrylic Paint, Photo Transfer, Wool, Silk and Thread

Yesterday turned out better than I had originally thought it would. By lunch time I was back in the studio finishing up "Whispered".

A few years ago we were in Cuba and I happened to snap this picture of my daughter on the beach. I have always loved this photo mostly because it was so natural and I felt it really captured her essence perfectly. She is such a free spirit and has this unique ability to not only look on the bright side of life but to also just flow through it. Don't know where she got that from........most have skipped a generation. Anyway, instead of painting her I decided I really wanted to just the photo just as it was. After some research on how to transfer my photo onto cotton/canvas I ended up working with a transparency and some acrylic medium. I loved the result as the photo isn't perfect and in places it looks a touch worn which appeals to me. I decided to only use her image and paint the areas around her rather than use the photo of sand and water. I then layered my wools and silks in every rich blue and green I could find and voila................

Here's a few closeups

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Ellen said...

This is lovely, I like the transfer technique idea and the water really echoes a feeling of something quietly mysterious and calming.