Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Art Appreciation Day in The Village

City Streets
Work in Paint & Thread

Lately I've been working on a local event which will take place in the village on November 22nd from 11 to 5pm. We are calling it "Art Appreciation Day".

Last summer the President of our Community Association approached me with an idea in which we would celebrate the overwhelming amount of talent in this area as well as make a bit of money for the community association. Since I agreed this was a great idea I was put in charge. This is a scary thought because I am not what you would call organized. I think the intention is always there but the end result never quite matches up. This morning I was trying to find an email address for one of the artists which I had scribbled on a piece of paper but then I have about 75 pieces of paper here on the computer desk. Haven't found it yet but I did find a chocolate bar left over from Hallowe'en which was still quite tasty.

Back in the studio I do have two pieces I'm currently working on. Dwellings is a piece I'm extremely happy with. When I first started working on it there were a few times when I thought I might give it up as I just didn't feel it was coming together properly. In hindsight I'm so glad I didn't because I really love it. That seems to happen with much of my work. The second piece I haven't named yet but it is a landscape with a hell of a lot of trees. Believe me all that thread work is time consuming. I'll post when they are completed.

So if you happen to be around our tiny village on November 22nd and are looking for original art for your home, we'll be there.


andrea said...

If I could be there I would! Good luck getting it all together.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I think the key is "Chocolate Bar." Simply make sure there are plenty of them at the event, and it's sure to be success!!

Wonderful piece, Melody!

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea, I wish you could be here too but I'm pretty sure our paths are going to cross at some point.

Oh Jean, if only it were that easy. I've always thought chocolate should be a food group.

Tracy said...

I had to go cold turkey on the chocolate. It was getting out of control. One whole week and well, i am still alive. Feeling better too, but don't tell anyone I said that:)

Good luck with the event, I am sure you will do a lovely job.