Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Love

In August my friend Judy and I were back to school shopping with our kids at the dreaded mall. When we got tired of following them around she took me into Timothy's and bought me my first chai latte.........I've been hooked ever since. So imagine my surprise when I came across Tazo's Chai Latte at my local grocery store. I've been buying it on a regular basis although it is a bit pricey at $6.89 a pop but it does last me for an entire week. Oh, look at me justifying my newest addiction.

John even bought me a hand held frother for my birthday a few weeks ago just so I could make it appear more authentic.

I do have a few rules about my new guility pleasure though and they are as follows.........

I never have one in the morning. It is far too hectic here and I would be drinking it without actually enjoying it so what would be the point.

I only have one a day which continues to make it a special treat.

I almost always have it at 3:00 p.m. while I'm watching General Hospital which is probably something else you didn't know about me. I've been tuning in since I was about ten years old as it was one of my mom's favs. And although it is always quite predictable I still enjoy 3:00pm when I take a break, check out what's happening in Port Charles and sip a chai latte with froth.

On a totally different subject..........we've gotten our fair share of snow. Snapped this photo yesterday.


Jean Levert Hood said...

What a gorgeous Photo! Just the thing to go with the perfect tea while watching General Hospital!

Ellen said...

I love that tea. It is addictive and so sweet. But you're right, pricey. I make a bedtime chai by simmering chai tea bags in milk and honey in a pot, it's almost as good.
That photo is beautiful, I love winter. I think it would make a nice thread painting with shimmering blues and greys. Have you done a winter scene in your work?

Melody said...

Exactly what I was thinking Jean!

Ellen, I'll have to try the chai with milk and honey. May become one of my new favs. Funny that you mention a winter piece because I'm just working on one. I'll post when it's done.

andrea said...

Ooo -- snow. Nice shot. (We had a Lab pup here named after Tazo tea BTW.)

I have never had a chai latte, though I've been aware of it for ages. I don't like my hot drinks too sweet (but I do like them milky) but I think I need to try one of these after this testimonial!