Friday, November 28, 2008

A Fruitful Darkness

A Fruitful Darkness
Original Work in Paint, Thread, Wool & Silk
Double Matted 8"x10"

I finished the above piece this morning but it won't be available for sale until I take it to my framers which I'm hoping to do today. I played around a lot with the sky colour and ended up wanting to take it in a much more abstract direction. My original sketch seemed to indicate a much more intimate and silent woods and a blue sky just wouldn't have cut it. It almost seems as if you would be forced to walk very quietly if you were there so as not to disturb the rhythm of the forest and that appeals to me.

Janet emailed me last week asking if I would photo the back of my work just so she could get a better idea of the threadwork. So here it is..........I always think the back is quite interesting on it's own.

I think I'll do the Images Studio Tour this fall as well as perhaps Art in Park in Bracebridge. I haven't given it that much thought but I guess I should. Both are good well established shows and since I've been too lazy to seriously persue any gallery representation it may be a good idea.

Oh, and surprise surprise, I also cleaned by studio yesterday. When John walked in this morning to iron his shirt he almost fell over in shock. He uses the ironing board in my studio every morning and it's usually piled high with books, artwork, threads but today......voila.......nice and neat except for under my work table but just don't look there or if you do pretend you haven't.

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