Monday, July 27, 2009

Back At It.........For Now

And The Night Lingered On
Work in paint, thread, wool & silk on canvas

So today I'm finally back in the studio after a week that can only be described as exhausting.

Any week in which I don't have the time or the inclination to create art is, at the very least, a sad week. So I'm kicking around finishing up things until Thursday at which time we leave for the lake. Yes, time to head up to Superior for a bit of sun and sand although I've heard their weather has been somewhat like here.....rainy and cool. I don't care as I'm planning on doing a lot of sketching as well as working on my artist statement and trying to seriously come up with a good marketing plan. I don't think I've been putting everything I've got into what I'm doing and I'm aware that a change is coming. Being north will be a great time to sort things out and find the clarity I'm so sorely lacking these days.
On Saturday I visited the library and took out the bio of Jackson Pollock. It will be one I'll savour while I'm away. I saw the movie with Ed Harris a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it enough to want to find out more about his life and his art. Right after that I read Tracy Helgeson's blog about her much anticipated trip to the Pollock/Krasner house/studio in the Hamptons. She's due to blog about it today so I can't wait to check in.

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Kayla coo said...

Have a lovely break and I look forward to seeing your sketches.
Us artist's can never switch off even in our holidays we have to work and I'm the same!
We are going to France and I'm hoping it will inspire new work.
Happy painting.x