Sunday, July 25, 2010


Row of Reds
Mixed Media


Nice to be home!

If you caught the not too subtle cue of my last post you'll know we headed off to California for a week.  Yosemite to be exact.  Sierah and John climbed The Half Dome while Holly and I sat by the pool.  The entire day they were gone I was on pins and needles as The Half Dome is not only daunting but dangerous if your not prepared.... but I knew they were and it ended up being such a major accomplishment for Sierah right before heading off to university in September.  I'll post some photos this week.  Still feel a bit jet lagged but I'm coming around.  The drive from Fresno to Yosemite was cram packed with hills and sharp turns so once again I'm thanking the manufacturers of Gravol for their tiny little pink pill.

I checked my email at the hotel and received a great one from Carol Currie.  She generously took some of my work to The Thunder Beach show and I ended up selling Row of Reds (my biggest piece to date) as well as a painting.  Row of Reds just happened to be one of my all time fav pieces and if it hadn't of eventually sold for the price I wanted I think I may have just kept it for myself.

Warning:  cheesy family pics ahead.........

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Rita vindedzis said...

Congratulations on the sales!! Sounds like you had a great vacation.