Thursday, February 10, 2011

But Oh The View

Yesterday I was down in the city dropping off new work at The Village Gallery.

 I love Megan, she is the Art Consultant at the Gallery and has such an amazingly positive vibe about her.  Just one of those rare people that make you feel good just by being around them.  Anyway whenever I'm there we always have a good chat while poor John runs up and down the stairs bringing the new work in.  Their spring show Bloom will be up and running come April....oh just the thought of April and spring can bring a smile to my face.

After our visit to the Gallery we left to meet up with my Mom and by sister for a quick bite here and then on to see my new favourite guy Max

It was a very quick in and out to the city with a warm chai latte thrown in there to keep me happy

This morning I woke up to a cold and bitter morning and could hear the house creaking but when I looked out the window,  all was forgiven because  ........ Oh the view of the sun coming up behind the trees was spectacular........

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