Monday, May 28, 2007

The Beauty of Abstracts

Started working on a larger than usual abstract this weekend which I must say is coming along quite nicely. I started out thinking of doing it entirely in various shades of blue but I really do use too much blue in my work. So I used almost every green I had with just shots of electric blue and some warm orangey browns. It is composed of wools, silks and at least 20 spools of thread and I haven't even begun quilting it yet.

One of my favourite artists whom I had mentioned before in one of my blogs Tracy Helgeson had an art opening of her newest works at the Enderlin Gallery in Roxbury, New York on Saturday night. I'm sure it was an resounding success. I am in love with her painting "Pink Road with Shadows" Check it out on the gallerys website

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. We picked lettuce, radishes and green onions from our garden this weekend and had our first "homegrown" salad of the year Yes, summer is finally here.

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Cynthia said...

I love the photograph with your work in the sewing machine! It makes me want to pull my sewing machine out.