Monday, May 7, 2007

Waiting On A Friend

Just a quick post today as I am going crazy trying to find my camera which has magically disappeared. I have searched the house over and it is not to be found. John keeps telling me to calm down but I don't want to hear that when I am freaking out so he has taken to his office just it get away from me. It just drives me crazy when he is so together in the middle of my meltdown.

One of the teachers at my daughter's school came by today with a few of her friends to look at my work. So I did a little show and tell while still thinking about the camera. Oh well, not the end of the world. I am looking for perspective.

Here is a new piece I just finished for my show in June. It is entitled "Waiting On A Friend"......which was inspired by a friend of my grandmothers. She is always so elegantly dressed waiting for her friend to pick her up for lunch.

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