Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hanging On By A Thread

Yes, this really is the name of this artwork which will be a part of the show I am doing at the Double Doors Studio in June. Actually this piece just about sums up how I've been feeling this last week. Lots of stuff going on with the kids, the husband, the cats........poor Jamoca who is 20 years old is having a hard time of it. I think dementia has set in. She hisses at the wall, the refrigerator, the plant, etc. all the time. Kind of sad but kind of funny too. The girls and I giggle but not when she's around.
I've been particularly busy trying to get finished for the show........always a struggle when your on a deadline. Reminder to self.....more artwork....less housecleaning.
We are putting in hardwood floors this spring so I am debating painting as it is the perfect time to do it. The walls look rather sad and I'm sure would love a fresh coat of paint. We have an interior decorator, Lisa Freeman in town and I have seen some of her work.......outstanding. So she came over yesterday to help me choose a colour. She remarked on one of my pieces of artwork, Cold Wind Blowing (see my first post) and I took her into my studio and lo and behold she loved my work. She will be putting a piece of art and a little blurb about me in her next newsletter. Thanks Lisa
Well, must run.....I have to send off one of my images to the printer for the invite for the show, more laundry needs to be hung on the line, I can hear Jamoca hissing upstairs and tonight I am volunteering to make salad for my youngest daughter's play at school..........oh, and of course the studio is calling. Be well,

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Cynthia said...

That really is great about your interior decorator using one of your pieces...what a wonderful story about synchronicity!

Poor kitty!

I like "Hanging by a Thread" and best of luck at your show.