Sunday, August 5, 2007

Friends, Karma and Yet Again......Celebrations

The house has been a hub of activity this long weekend. I only seem to catch the back end of both my girls as they race in and out of the house with their friends. Our good friends Bob and Marilyn of the Livingstone Peforming Arts Project had their annual summer party yesterday to celebrate Bob's birthday as well as their ten year anniversary. Lots of food, babmington, horseshoes and later into the evening about 10 local musicians began playing everything from a guitar to a violin to african drums. It was certainly a night to be remembered. My oldest daughter pitched our tent in their backyard and spent the night giggling and "hanging out" with her friends. Bob and Marilyn are leaving in January for Africa to begin a new adventure in their lives. They will leave a tremendous hole in this community when they depart as they have been at the center of everything that has gone on here. To Christmas Music Concerts, Community Clean up Days, Musical Theater Camp.....I could go on and on. They are wonderful friends and we will miss them deeply.
The above photo shows just how disorganized my thread bins are. I have had many people email me to ask me how I organize my threads.....well this is it. I bet you expected nice, neat, stacked spools. For some reason this is how I work best. I have gotten rid of almost all my fabric now which leaves so much more room in my studio. My good friend Marg is going to become the lucky receipient of my stash which I think proves one of my most favourite points which is "everything that goes around comes around" know that great belief in karma.
Although my grandmother taught me to embroider by hand, Marg took me under her wing ten years ago and was instrumental in not only teaching me how to use a sewing machine but helping me choose one also. It seems only fitting that she get my fabric.
The piece above is one I just began working on. I have painted my background and have just started to embroider some of the trees. By the time the trees are finished I will have used approximately five to six different browns and perhaps a couple of olive greens to create depth and highlights. I will post the piece when it is completed.
Hope your weekend has been a good one.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, every thread spool in that bin looks green to me, thus, it is organized! I love a peak at people's studio's, thank you!

Melody said...

Thanks Jean, that's a fabulous way to look at it