Thursday, August 2, 2007

Work, Work and More Work

This morning I took a break from work to take my teenage daughters shopping for some back to school clothes. Yikes!!
I might as well have stayed at home and pulled my hair out one strand at a time. The didn't like anything I thought was "cute' and they rolled their eyes everytime I mentioned the word cute. Oh well, at least they chose clothes I approved of and we got some fairly good deals so all in all it was a success.
I was happy to get back home and return to the studio. I picked up five of my new pieces yesterday from the framer and they look fantastic. I even received a cheque today from one of my representing galleries along with a note letting me know the wonderful response they've been getting from my new work. Thanks Michelle.
The piece I've posted is "Reds". It is quite a small piece but with the framing it comes out to about 6"x8". Surprising how such a tiny piece can take so much time. This is done entirely in thread.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, what a beautiful piece. It is amazing work for such a small piece. Congratulations on the sale!

Melody said...

thanks so very much Jean

Jill Smith said...

Melody, love your latest work,thought it was a paining when l came on but lots of bautiful texture.
Would you exchange links to my blog, have a look,
Hope your feeling ok
Jill xx

Kesha Bruce said...

Ditto what Jean said. Your gallery should be thrilled!

Very cool.

Melody said...

Thanks Kesha....coming from you that's quite a compliment as I just love your work