Monday, August 13, 2007

New Weddings and Twenty Years of Marriage

Our friends Andy and Laurie are getting married this weekend and the weekend after, John and I are celebrating twenty years of wedded bliss.......somedays more blissful then others of course. Andy and Laurie are getting married in their backyard, John and I am celebrating with 85 of our friends on the shores of Superior.
We have been planning this for the past year and were so pleased to know everyone we invited was able to attend. You know you've got "good friends" when they are willing to drive eight hours to help you celebrate. This week I am finalizing all the details.....caterer, wine, accomodations for guests etc. I think it was a bit more stressful than I imagined it to be but were in the home stretch now. I'll post about it when I return.
This piece was inspired by our trip to Toronto where my youngest daughter was quite mesmerized by Tamara Jaworski's "Modern Quartet". I couldn't track her down to get permission to use the image so I just threw one of my own in. The entire piece is painted in acrylic except for the weaving, that I completed in thread.
Hope everyone is well and enjoyed a great weekend.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, this is an intriquing piece! I love the abstract design within the painting.
Happy Anniversary to you!

Tracy said...

Both events sound like fun, I like backyard weddings. Hope you enjoy yourself and happy anniversary to you too! I can't imagine having a party on our anniversary, we don't even remember when it is half the time:)

Melody said...

Thanks so much Jean, glad you like the piece.

Tracy, thanks for checking in. If it wasn't for my inlaws this thing probably wouldn't have come together. Today was our actual anniversary and guess what? I forgot until John called to remind me