Friday, February 15, 2008

Ain't Love Grand

I finished this piece a few days ago and I'm quite pleased with it. The tree and flowers are done in a variety of threads while the background and people are painted in acrylic.
When I was in Toronto in the fall we were driving through the Forest Hill area of the city and I spotted this couple out the window of the car. I immediately grabbed my camera when we were stopped at the light (no, I wasn't driving) and took their picture. The way in which they stood together and looked at each other inspired the title "Ain't Love Grand". Was hoping to post it yesterday for Valentine's Day but the day had other plans for me.
Here's to love and chocolate.....I love chocolate!


andrea said...

I wish I could see these up close and in person. I want to see how you combine mediums almost as much as I just want to see them!

Melody said...

The trickiest part is the thread work as I use both my top thread as well as my bobbin thread to blend the colours. In the photo you can see that the tree as well as the flowers are done in thread as they seem more textured than the rest of the work. As always Andrea, thanks for leaving a comment