Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Days, New Work, New Show

Work in Paint & Thread

I have decided to begin selling some of my small pieces online starting with my blog. This decision was something I had been playing around with for quite some time. The artwork entitled "Stillness" is not finished as of yet. The grass as well as some of the trees are yet to be completed but when it is I will post it here. My midsize and larger pieces will still be reserved for my representing galleries and shows but these small ones are great fun and give me a general idea on whether I want to invest my time in attempting a larger piece based on this composition. More to come....

I received the final contract from Carol Currie yesterday regarding the three person show I will be a part of at the Carriage House Gallery in June. Both Pamela Allen and Alice Vander Vennen are on board.....yeah. I have long admired their talent and been inspired by their beautiful artwork.

Today is another snow day here..........the kids are loving it

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, this small piece is delightful. I clicked on it to see the enlargement and get more detail. I'll look forward to the finished product!

Best to you for your show!