Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Weekend ....Another Party...What Has Gotten Into Me

Late Friday afternoon in the middle of a snowstorm, the four of us took off for Fergus. John's closest friend Jay was throwing a dance at the local legion as a "Benefit Concert to Find The Cure" The girls were to help out by babysitting Jay & Karen's son and to spend the night at their place. John and I were clever enough to decide on staying at the local B&B. .. After The Ceilidh. Gorgeous spot.. Mike & Linda were amazing hosts and after all their pampering I found it hard to leave. They left a small bottle of champagne in our room as well as a dish of fresh strawberries. When the girls discovered this they rolled their eyes, I imagine they don't think romance and their parents fit together in the same sentence.

After we settled in we headed over to the Breadalbane which is a charming scottish pub that serves delicious food and really cold beer. We wanted to grab something to eat before the festivities began.

When we arrived at the hall there was a silent auction as well as a live band. We met so many friends of Karen and Jay's we couldn't keep track of all the names. Nowadays I have a difficult time remembering anyone's name never mind 200 of their closest friends. The band "Killin Time" performed a blend of rock, blues, funk, pop and reggae. They even played Pink Floyd and did a bang up job of it. Who doesn't love Pink Floyd??? Come on.... Dark Side of The Moon...classic... but then I'm a teenager of the 70's.

After all was said and done, Jay raised quite a bit of money for a great cause...everyone had a wonderful time and I headed back to the B&B which conveniently was right across the street. John stayed to help clean up. Maybe I should have too but that fireplace and cozy bed were calling my name. It was then 1 a.m and believe me that is way past my bedtime.
When I woke up the next day my neck was killing me. Don't get me wrong, the pillows there were very comfy but I sleep on a contour pillow. I knew I should have brought it. How sad is that? I now fit into the cateogory of people who bring their own pillow with them everywhere they go. Can you say "old".
Anyway we took off for Jay & Karen's house to pick up the kids and to say our goodbyes. The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was Karen's painting. My jaw dropped open...guess you could say I was awestruck. Now I know she is an art teacher but I had never really seen her work before. She had just completed a portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary that was absolutely stunning. So she and I spent the rest of our time together talking "art". Underpaintings, colour mixing, composition....etc etc. We may end up taking a workshop together this summer.
With the pampering of the weekend just a fleeting memory now I will get back to my "real" life and begin the laundry, the vaccumming and run out to get some groceries..........hope you had a great weekend

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