Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Hat is Off to You

Pretty In Pink
Acrylic on Canvas

I'm Back! This is my first post in over a week due to the fact that John's assistant was on vacation for March Break and I filled in. Last week was a write off when it came to getting anything done once I got home. I am in awe of women who work outside the home....my hat goes off to you.

My mornings were a blur of activity with all of us trying to get out the door by 7:30am. I had to have a hard look at my pitiful closet to determine what would be considered "office wear". I live in t-shirts and yoga pants and I knew that wouldn't quite cut it. By the time I got home at night it was 6:00pm or slightly later. What to have for dinner? That was another hour in the making and then clean up. Why didn't I prepare better and have something frozen? Where were my Martha Stewart skills when I needed them? I will admit to having brought home a pizza at least twice last week.
My poor studio has sat deserted ........everytime I would walk by I would sigh. I think I went in once and painted for about 5 minutes but believe me, the creativity was just not flowing. All I could think about was the laundry that needed to be done and my comfy looking bed. I must say that all in all it was a great experience. To walk in another's shoes is the only way in which to appreciate their path. So........here's to you....women who work outside the home and still manage to come home every night and keep on working. I am in awe.


andrea said...

I'm just like you. And as someone with kids and a husband who works long hours and is frequently out of town, I had to give up the day job. Besides, I, too, was sadly lacking in teacher togs. :) "The dark night of the soul" starts happening when reality deprives some of us the chance to "do art". The economic privations have been well worth it.

Melody said...

I'm with you!