Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wasted Day But There's Always Tomorrow

Quiet Conversation

Acrylic on Canvas


Today was one of those days in which everything I attempted "sucked". I had what I thought was an amazing idea for a couple of new pieces but ended up tossing both of them. For some reason it just wouldn't come together no matter what I tried. By late afternoon I began feeling unbelievably frustrated since I had spent the better part of the day thinking I was really on to something just to have it all fall apart. Guess I just need to chalk it up to ............. I don't know...what do artists call those days? I so want to say wasted but I'm trying to remain positive.

Saw the movie "Across The Universe" last night. I enjoyed it and thought it was very poetic and definitely a feast for the eyes and ears...... but you do have to enjoy musicals and of the course The Beatles but I don't know anyone who doesn't love Beatles tunes. John was in the city for the night so the girls and I rented it. I think they liked it but my youngest said it was a bit "too out there". Julie Taymore directed who also did "Frida" ..... the life of the famous artist Frida Kahlo. Now that is a great it if you haven't seen it. Salma Hayek is fabulous!

My friend Steve Caston came over this morning to discuss plans for a new website for moi. The one I have currently is still operational but I need the ability to be able to change my own artwork whenever I want as well as the other text on the site. Besides the homepage for the current site isn't really reflecting the work I am producing now. When that website was put together my work was all about art quilts as well as hand dying my own fabric....neither of which I am doing now. I have a pretty strong idea about what I want.........simple, contemporary and clean lines. Will see what Steve comes up with.


Jill Smith said...

i just went to see your website and its FANTASTIC l mean it and l honestly can say its the nicest l have seen for a long time and l don't like mine now.
Does the guy do anyones website as in the fall l would love to have one done as like you l am doing different art and l have also got into working with streatched canvas with fabric and painting so i have to get a body of work done.
But l loved that beautiful picture of you on it and was playing with it to keep you out, have never seen aything like that before, he is an ace webmaster,

andrea said...

Have you ever thought of trying an online web-building program? No HTML necessary. I use Homestead and have a reasonable-sized package, including my own domain. It costs me about $150/year and I do it all myself plus update whenever the spirit moves me. :)

Melody said...

Thanks Andrea....I'll check it out

Jean Levert Hood said...

Melody, I hope things have gone better since you wrote this, I'm a few days late commenting!

I have my website with FASO,Fine Art Studio Online. They have several different pricing structures, and I have loved them for years.

I love this painting!

Melody said...

Coming from you that means a lot Jean. Thanks so very much

ckayser said...

No, try! I have a template site with them, and they are AWESOME! It's easy to build, change, completely customize and make very personal to you. They have big to small sites, you may host with them for a fee of only $100/year.

Thanks for the great comments on my work - ALWAYS!

I love this piece and find your work so different and interesting. Keep it up!

Peace, and hopefully you're getting warmer weather, too. 50s today! Heatwave!


Melody said...

Hey Claire..thanks so much and I do absolutely love your work.